In Commemoration of September 11th

September 11th Prayer of Peace

On this ninth anniversary of 9/11, I would like to offer this Prayer of Peace with all the Earth Citizens who share concern for the future of humanity.

I encourage everyone to pray and meditate, if only for five minutes, for peace on our Earth.

Prayer of Peace
I offer this prayer of peace
Not to the Christian God
Nor to the Buddhist God
Nor to the Islamic God
Nor to the Jewish God
But to the God of all humanity.

For the peace that we wish for
Is Not a Christian peace
Nor a Buddhist peace
Nor an Islamic peace
Nor a Jewish peace
But a human peace
For all of us.

I offer this prayer of peace
To the God that lives within all of us
That fills us with happiness and joy
To make us whole
And help us understand life
As an expression of love for all human beings.
For no religion can be better
Than any other religion
For no truth can be truer
Than any other truth
For no nation can be bigger
Than the earth itself.

Help us all go beyond
Our small limits
And realize that we are one
That we are all from the earth.
That we are all earth people
Before we are Indians, Koreans, or Americans.

God made the earth
We humans have to make it prosper
By realizing that we are of the earth
And not of any nation, race, or religion,
By knowing that we are truly one
In our spiritual heritage.
Let us now apologize
To all humanity
For the hurt that religions have caused,
So that we can heal the hurt
Let us now promise to one another
To go beyond egotism and competition
To come together as one in God.

I offer this prayer of peace
To you the almighty
To help us find you within all of us
So that we may stand proudly one day before you
As one humanity.

I offer this prayer of peace
With all my fellow earth people
For a lasting peace on earth.

Ilchi Lee presented this prayer at the Opening Ceremony of the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations on August 28, 2000.

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  • I just read this again. I have felt there must have been so much sincerity put into this prayer because every time that I read this it invokes emotion. A type of passionate energy quickly follows and I begin to dream bigger than ever before. Inspiration wells up inside and I remember Who I am. I am an Earth Citizen.

  • I wish That all of humanity will benefit from the Prayer for Peace.

  • The Prayer for Peace should be in every church,for everyone.
    Thank you….

  • Thank you,the whole world needs to hear Prayer of Peace

  • Let it be. Thank you. The Prayer for Peace says everything. I am an earth citizen.

  • I love this Prayer of Peace. I feel so much my responsibility of being an Earth Citizen. We are all one. Thank you.

  • I am an earth citizen. Prayer of Peace is beautiful. Thank you.

  • Every single time I read this prayer I just truly wish that every single human being on this planet Earth or in this Cosmos would think this way, as I have for many years… it is the absolute Truth…

  • The Prayer of Peace is, for me, one of the most touching and moving inspirational messages I have ever heard or read. My heart swells and I shed a tear each and every time I hear it. Even the Korean version touches me deeply though I do not understand the language. It is the energy and love within the piece that is so powerful. I can’;t possibly thank you enough for this prayer.

  • Sure, will do.
    Mike Driscoll

  • Christine Booth
    December 17, 2010 3:56 pm

    As an Earth Citizen I am doing what I can to make the world a more peaceful and joyful place to live. It inspires me to read beautiful messages such as the Prayer for Peace. Thank you so much.

  • The truth in you…the truht in me..the absolute truth in nature..thanks universe!!!…thanks ILCHI !!!

  • When I first read your poem praying for peace six years ago, it expressed a wish I have always had, and I knew I found my path. I will post it on New Year’s Day and share it with friends and neighbors who spend the day with my family and me. Thank you!

  • Ilchi,
    You are an amazing person, reaching the limits above limits and a clear vision to spreading goodness on earth and spreading the wholeness of love to every human being.
    I pray with you as I have always felt there is more to life than just existing…
    You are an inspiration to the WORLD! Thank you sooo very much for all that you stand for!!.

  • No matter what your religious background, we can all benefit from this prayer. Share it with all those whom you love. Inspire the World with your hope and dreams of a new tomorrow.

  • Sandra Fletcher
    January 1, 2011 12:50 pm

    May this Prayer of Peace touch many hearts on this day, and may humanity make it happen.
    Thank You so much.

  • Namaste! 🙂 Wayne

  • I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imsopsbile.


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