Dreaming Big Dreams

In this personal interview, Ilchi Lee encourages everyone to dream big dreams and realize their unlimited worth and potential. It all depends on how you manage your brain–your thoughts, habits, and values. He also shares his dream of a world in which everyone is free and able to live up to their potential, and together create peace on earth.

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  • Inspirational!!! An likely to succeed!!!

  • Beatiful dream,may your wish come true.

  • Thank you for your encouragement and dedication. Dreams do come true!!!

  • Thank you so much! There’s not many people like you here on Earth. You make everyone feel their presciousness and value and that’s why so many people can change and become happy, healthy and peaceful. I will help you to share this dream with many people. Your dream is my dream too!

  • But you are right, Grandmaster! Dreams are the seeds that become the trees of history. Once planted, the dream gets nourishment from the earth; is nurtured by the sun and the rain, and then it blooms to fruition until all humanity can sit under it. Dreams give us hope; fuel our energy and elevates our soul to divinity. Thank you for your inspiration.

  • What a grand and wonderful dream! Thank you for believing in Humanity and setting an example for achieving miracles of creation!


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