In Remembrance of September 11th

Twin Tower Spotlight Memorial
I wrote this poem after the tragic events in the United States on September 11, 2001. On the fifteenth anniversary, I’d like to share it with you once again.

For the Spiritual Rebirth of America

America, your name speaks of greatness
Golden flower of the age, brightly shining
Great are your deeds and your achievements
Proud in your pioneering spirit
World’s greatest might, wealth and pride;

Greater even than the giants of the past
With freedom and promise of equality and peace
Welcoming people of all colors and creeds
To infinite opportunity
For infinite creation;

A dark shadow casts a pall upon this blessed land
Explosive tragedy aimed at your heart
Anger and fear
Sadness and despair
Felt by everyone, shared by all;

America, I beseech you
Use your strength, immeasurable and infinite
To turn this tragedy to opportunity
For your strength lies in justice and truth
In the hearts of all Americans;

Great soul of America
Awaken to the true meaning of your existence
And build a bridge upon which humanity may cross
Into a new age of eternal peace
Of a spiritual civilization;

Just as you have done in times past
You shall break through the darkness
Reborn as a golden flower in the garden of a new age
Of a spiritual civilization
To lead the world;

Leading nations and people alike
Born anew
Through tragedy turned to opportunity
For America is great unto herself
And complete.

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