My Thoughts on Recent Events

Recently, I’ve been hearing news about what’s happening in the United States. With massive social upheaval taking place there and now many places around the world, first and foremost, I grieve and pray for the precious lives that came to an end in the related incidents, and I’d like to share my thoughts with you.

The Black community, which has long suffered from social prejudice and systemic inequality, is speaking out and many people are joining in. Racism is a preconception that absolutely must be eradicated. All injustice that hinders the actualization of true human value and the value of the earth and obstructs human freedom, dignity, and equality must end.

In the current movement across the U.S. and the globe, I see not only a political will for change, but the spiritual desires and wishes that are embedded in people’s hearts. As beings that have a sense of spirituality and divinity, all humans have a yearning to find their true value and express it.

When we remove injustice and inequality from our institutions and systems, we empower people to find their true value and take ownership of their lives and community. By each and every person becoming enlightened to their own true value, becoming the master of their life, we can bring lasting change for the brighter future of our society and the planet.

Because we all have in our hearts faith in and love for the value of humans and the earth, I believe that we will surely produce positive change out of the current challenges.

I hope you always remember how precious and valuable you are.

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