Return to Mago Castle (Creation Story Part 2)

The idyllic existence the first people of the Earth had at Mago Castle did not last. As the people multiplied, the milk of the earth could not nourish all of them.

One day, a man named Jiso from Baekso’s tribe went to a well of the earth’s milk to drink, but there were too many people there and the well was too small. He yielded to others five times, when at last he passed out from hunger. When he revived, lightheaded, he ate a grape he saw on a vine and got energy from it to survive. The grape contained all five flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy/savory.

When Jiso told others that the grape was good, many people from the four tribes tried grapes out of curiosity. The eating of fruits and grains began, but this was soon prohibited since this food was not pure like the milk provided directly by Mago. By ingesting nourishment other than Mago’s milk, people’s connection to their mother weakened.

The need and the act of creating a rule also weakened the connection between the people of Mago Castle and heaven. In having to follow a rule, they broke the rule of “not having rules and just following the sound of heaven.”

They became further distracted from the sound of heaven by becoming more and more absorbed in the sensual pleasure of taste and the other four basic human senses.

Because the people of Mago Castle were no longer listening to and following the sound of heaven, they had to leave Mago Castle. They no longer matched the energy of Mago Castle and chose not to be sustained by Mago’s milk.

Mago Castle -Hang-gungAlthough the eldest of the four, Hwang-gung, had kept the ways of Mago Castle, he and his tribe left with the others. But Hwang-gung swore an oath that he would help human beings return to their true selves—the state of seamless connection with heaven and earth that they had at Mago Castle.

In preparation, he made Shinpyo, sacred markers of heaven’s law, which he gave to the head of each tribe so that it may be remembered. Then he taught all of the people how to survive in the world, such as how to make food from kudzu root.

Finally, he ordered all the tribes to go their separate ways, and they spread to each corner of the earth. Chung-gung went to the areas that are known today as China, Japan, and Central and South America; Baekso went to the Middle East and Europe; Heukso went to parts of what is now Indonesia, India, and Africa; and Hwang-gung took the most dangerous route through Siberia, East Asia, and North America. This choice showed his will to keep his oath by choosing and enduring hardship.

Since then, the peoples of the world have gone through periods of darkness and of enlightenment as they struggled to follow the laws of heaven and become closer to their true selves.

In my research and meditation, I have studied the ways of Mago Castle that have been passed down through spiritual traditions, such as Sundo in Korea. It is my dream to help everyone know the spiritual laws and energy practices that will allow them to return to the divine state that human beings maintained when they were first sounded into being at Mago Castle.

(Read the beginning of the story.)

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