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The United States is celebrating its Thanksgiving Day today. This national holiday encourages us to remember what we’re grateful for. I would like to join with you in sharing the parts of my life for which I give thanks.

  • Being able to see and train people around the world online from wherever I am.
  • The awe-inspiring natural surroundings around me in Kerikeri, New Zealand and Sedona, USA.
  • All the people who have joined with me to create a bright, harmonious world.
  • The people who came before me with the same dream, especially those who formulated the ancient mind-body-energy practices of Korea.
  • The staff who give me the ability to work efficiently and take care of the smallest details.
  • My parents, wife, sons, and their families.
  • The production of my new film, Love Heals, which will be completed soon.
  • The Earth Village and Earth Farm in New Zealand, which are growing steadily as the hub of the Earth Citizen Movement.
  • My body and brain, which allow me to develop my soul and actualize my dreams on earth.
  • The feeling of striving to overcome my limits again and again.

And all of you.

What are the things you are feeling grateful and happy for today?

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