The Dream of Your Soul

Ilchi-Lee_dream-of-the-soul_20140325Why is the soul more precious than the physical body? It’s because the choices of the soul, the soul’s earnest dreams, create miracles.

That is the power of the soul.

Cherish your soul and give it your sincere devotion. That’s when your soul shines.

Even if you have just one day to live, if you feel the value of your soul and awaken your soul to live life for your soul’s completion, you are a humanitarian prodigy—a hero of humanity.

How do you make your soul a living and influential presence in your life? How do you give your soul devotion?

By giving your devotion to its dreams.

Focus on your heart chakra in the center of your chest, where your soul is housed in your body, and ask it what it wants. Ask it sincerely until you hear, see, or feel an answer. Then make your soul’s desire the dream of your life.

That’s how you live a beautiful existence.


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