Time for Conscience

The Times Call for Conscience

Conscience is the salt that prevents decay,
Conscience is the sun that brightens the dark,
Conscience is the root of everlasting beauty,
Conscience gives order to life’s activities.

light at nightConscience is a beacon
that guides our souls to enlightenment and peace;
Conscience is the foundation
which enables humans to retain their beauty.

A body without conscience cannot be beautiful,
Knowledge without conscience can be deceitful,
Wealth without conscience is thievery,
Art without conscience brings decadence,
Religion without conscience becomes idolatry.
Was it not the minds of people who lost conscience
that caused the world to wander in darkness?

Heaven seeks those who have a bright conscience.
Many who live in this day and age
harbor great love for those with a living conscience.
Now is the time to begin a “Call to Lost Conscience” movement.

If “I” begin with reviving my conscience,
and more candles of conscience gather,
wouldn’t we see the rising of light bright as the sun
that will save humanity and the earth,
and produce unity and peace in this world?

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