There’s No Good or Evil

The year 2012 will begin an era of a new spiritual civilization.

Bold statement you say? How can I be so sure? What exactly is a new spiritual civilization?

The era of the new spiritual civilization is the time when we all express our role as the divine, as God.

Ilchi Lee 2012

Do you know that you are God? I think we need a new definition of God. God is not a being who gives blessings or curses. God does not ask for worship or the giving of glory. In fact, God is the natural creative force in the universe. There is no good or evil, there is simply the Great Law of Nature that describes how things work, like gravity.

Human beings are beings originally connected with God. We are naturally divine humans, or Shin In in Korean. The era of the new spiritual civilization is the Shin In era. We actualize ourselves as Shin In when we restore our humanity, or recover our welfare. That means helping others, or being Hong Ik, and it means living within the Great Laws of Nature and growing your soul. That’s how we reconnect with our divinity.

Is what you are doing now helping others or causing them suffering? If you have caused suffering to others, then you willingly take responsibility for it. You are not damned for eternity for it.

Shin In are creators; they are managers of the earth who make fusion happen. They put together something new out of what’s already there because they have a dream. For example, with the iPad, Steve Jobs showed us the value and result of fusion. An era of fusion is coming, one of synergy and interaction where people will create a bright world together. Right now, that give and take is not happening freely.

All of humanity will live as Shin In the era of spiritual civilization. It will happen through breathing and meditation—something humanity already does (albeit mostly unconsciously). That’s the main message of my latest book, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart.

In this new era in which all humans will be connected to their divinity, they can live and make decisions based on their sixth sense—their intuition or spiritual insight. From there, consciousness goes up to the 7th and 8th sense and so on. That’s what the breathing and meditation is for. It helps us see the world from a distance while becoming one and feeling oneness with it. Then our sense of humanity is recovered and we understand the value of our lives. We know that the earth and the sky, the moon and the stars are ours.

But the era of the Shin In, the divine human, can only be established by human beings. We simply have to decide. For example, I now declare that January 1, 2012 will begin the era of a new spiritual civilization. I have the right to make this declaration as one human who loves the earth.

Now that the era is declared and we know it’s coming, it will happen through a community of enlightened people, of Shin In. It cannot be decided or brought about by a country or a religion. It comes about when many people accept it as the greatest blessing in the history of humanity. The moment a person understands that, that person becomes enlightened. The important thing is choosing it and when you’ve made that choice you have to declare it and from that moment a new time begins.

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  • When I read this posting, I feel very excited to be alive. Thank you for this message of love and hope!

    • If enough people become Shin In, I think we would create a heaven on earth. It would be like the Garden of Eden, only it would be created by the mass enlightenment of the wohle human race. Communication and cooperation, breathing and meditation. Let’s begin right now!

  • I choose it, I declare it. It is indeed exciting to be living at this time. I think my true self is beaming like a smiling light bulb.

  • Thank you for your message, for your love of the earth and all of humanity. I am right there with you birthing this new civilization.
    Earth’s Prayer
    In the shadow of her light, I lie,
    Existent within my nescient sleep
    The time between
    The eternal and the now
    As long forgotten memories
    Stir and rise
    Kindling, in that moment,
    Awareness of her being
    Standing in her power
    Illuminated by the rhythm
    Of her heart.
    It’s cadence carrying me
    From shadow to light
    Dud um, dud um, dud um
    Her intimate, indwelling sonance,
    One with mine.
    “Breathe with me,
    Feel the pulse of who you are
    As we birth this new world

  • wow, wow, wow. bold , yes, can we make tshirts that say Shin In character and put 2012 and earth on it? exciting! i got shivers running down my spine.

  • I declare that 2012 is a year where I make great changes in myself to be able to contribute greatly to Hong Ik. Gamsahamnida Susuengnim.

  • Yes! 2012 is the year of spiritual awakening around the world! A world of Shin In! How beautiful will that be! A world of Honik Humans! Truly a vision to have and to strive for!
    Thank you for this vision! Thank you for your love!!!!

  • I feel that “The call of sedona” is for the journey of the hearts of humanity. It’s not about the past but about the future. It says how 2012 begins and what we should do as a God. Thanks a 100 million.

  • Aweomse. Love it.

  • Seuseungnim!! Thanks to you now I know about my Trueself and I can grow my Soul.

  • I have never experienceed or had conviction that we can have a spiritual civilization, but by following my heart and listening to my intuition, I am convinced after reading The Call of Sedona and participating in Sedona and hearing from the greatest Teacher of the century Ilchi Lee, founder of Dahn Yoga and author of The Call of Sedona book, I know in my heart and action I owe it to myself & others, and I am honored to be part of active human on earth for spiritual civilization.
    Thanks Ilchi Lee for a strong and profound message to all human beings.

  • I declare it with all my being. Jan. 1, 2012 begins this new era of spirtitual civilization. Shin In

  • <3 <3 <3

  • I accept it, my brain accept it, the spiritual civilization is coming through awakened people, through me.

  • This is the real dawning of a new age and growth in history and human consciousness! I believe next year a lot of miraculous things will happen. As we intend, so shall it be! Thank you!

  • Yes! thank you for stepping out boldly and declaring the beginning of a new era of spiritual civilization. I too declare it and I know it is beginning. It makes me very happy!

  • It is also my Master’s firm belief that a time will come when the whole world will become spiritual and that time is not far when the era of spiritual civilization will begin and there will be peace and happiness everywhere.


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