Use All of Your Brain Gears

brain gearsLike a car, your brain has five gears. Depending on which gear you use, your speed changes. To use your brain optimally, you need to know you have these gears and how to shift between them.

In order to do that, you must first have a pure vision and dream. That’s the secret to using your brain well. A dream is fuel for your brain. If you put limits on yourself and you’re negative, afraid, or have no hope, however, you’re continuously putting bad fuel in your brain.

No matter how much you step on the gas, however, if you’re stuck in first gear, you’ll only end up using a lot of fuel and making a lot of noise without going very far.  Being stuck in first gear means working habitually at the same level all the time and being busy without growing or changing.

If you want to shift all the way up to fifth gear, you cannot act out of habit. You have to change; shifting gears is change. In order to change, you have to realize what gear you’re in through self-reflection and correct yourself. Then you have to give good energy and good vitamins to your brain. That would be good information, such as the hope and certainty that you have the second, third, fourth, and fifth gears—that you can be and do differently than you have before.  Nothing is more important than managing information. Finally, you have to make the best use of the surrounding circumstances, environment, and information.

Focusing on your dream is the key to shifting gears. By focusing on your dream, you’ll be able to see what gear you’re in and know what you need to change. You’ll see your situation for yourself, make plans, and move forward.

Afterward you’ll pick up speed, and when you’ve gained speed, it’ll be refreshing and you’ll feel good. As you become creative and productive, everyone will be happy. Then life becomes enjoyable.

When you’re working, don’t feel like it’s hard or struggle with it. For people who use their brain well, there’s no difference between working and playing. The time when you’re having the best time is when you’ve achieved your goal. When you’re making great time, that’s when you feel happiest. People keep separating work and play and rest. But for people who live with a really great vision and dream, those things cannot be separated. If you keep trying to speed along when you’re in first gear, however, it really is hard. Then work is not fun.

It’s about change. I shifted gears. Because first gear just wasn’t going to cut it, I believed in myself and all of the people around the world helping me, and I shifted gears. People who always live in fear cannot change their gears. People who don’t have hope or courage can’t shift gears. Shift gears! Feel the joy of working. You grow when you shift gears. Then you’re using  your brain well.

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