[Vlog] Climbing 1,048 Steps in Hawaii

On the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, there is a trail that was originally made to transport military supplies during World War II. Known as the Koko Crater Trail, or Koko Head, it has 1,048 steps to the top. These steps are necessary because the slope of the hill is steep. Last week, despite my busy schedule, I took on the challenge to climb to the summit and pray for the Earth and humanity.

I started at 6 AM with some of my students and my staff in hand. Although at times the going was difficult, I enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery. All along the way, I thought of the path I had taken to get to this point in my life and all of the people who have been working hard with me along the way. As I got closer to the summit, I was reminded of the peaceful, harmonious world we have been striving to create, step by step.

Each of the steps we took was a choice. Although making any choice is hard, if you don’t make a choice, nothing can happen. Eventually any choice leads to joy and hope. But there is no hope for those who do not choose. That’s why, no matter how hard it is, I choose to go forward. I choose this not only for myself, but for the people who look to me for guidance and encouragement.

I renamed Koko Head as Gogo Head in my mind to encourage myself to keep going. When I reached the top, I was greeted by an amazing view and friendly people who wanted to take pictures with me. There, I played the flute to express how I felt at that moment and prayed for the completion of the growth of all of my students.

I’d like to encourage you, too, to keep going toward your own destination. I made this vlog to share this beautiful trail with you and to share the messages that came to my mind along the way. I hope you live a life of hope and joy.


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  • Carol Miyasato
    October 24, 2019 9:00 am

    I have never been as healthy as I am now. Still more work to get stronger. I choose, then I falter. Seeing you keep going I know I also need to keep going and choose again. Thank you for sharing.


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