Wake Up from Your Control Drama

Stepping forwardYou have walls that make you very small. They’re a control drama. There are different types, with some people acting as bystanders, some thinking themselves inadequate or worthless, and others living their lives with boldness and confidence. They live in the delusion that they themselves are the countless emotions arising within those walls.

In this you are totally self-hypnotized. People just go on living their lives as their control dramas direct, thinking that the dramas are who they are. They end up creating their own limits. Ultimately, caught in their own control dramas, they fail to take a single step forward.

A control drama is a fantasy created by a clash of illusion with illusion. That you are lazy, that you are afraid, that you have no confidence, that you don’t smile much, that you’re lonely, these are all an illusion. They may look like a tiger, but they are merely a paper tiger. You keep holding onto that drama, afraid of a paper tiger.

The real you is your true self and God. You have the power to always be joyful and love each other. Where does true power come from originally? It comes from your true self.

You can do truly great things if you make up your mind to do them. Many changes come while you are taking action. If you want to confirm and feel whether you really have within you a true self, then you have no choice but to act. Take that step forward.

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