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A Dream Your Brain Could Fall in Love With


Between two incidents called birth and death, a multitude of events are squeezed in to create a major incident called life. No matter how smooth and stable a life without dreams may seem on the surface, it is like a boring obligation that must be endured. When you have a dream, life becomes a glorious event that is full of challenge and adventure. Let’s hold onto a magnificent dream that is worthy of our brains falling in love with it.

Ilchi Lee walking in nature

A Healing Day with Nature


Follow Ilchi Lee as he spends a healing day in the bamboo and cypress forests of Jangheung and Songgwangsa Temple. Drink tea and eat potbingsu with him at a traditional tea house.

koi fish

Poem: The Light of Conscience


Living with the light and fire of our conscience burns away our ego and selfish desires so that we can experience our eternal self.


Mastering the Tools of Information


Let us imbue the information we create with our highest awareness. Let’s make it reflect our desire for a healthy and harmonious world. Instead of words that harm mind and spirit–instead of violence, anger, judgment, or hate–we can send messages of peace, love, and healing out into the ocean of information.

plugging into information

Who Is the Boss of Your Brain?


By listening to your conscience, you have access to a standard of values that enable you to do the best information processing. Values derived from outside sources, such as a desire for power and influence or a desire to benefit only specific groups of people, do not allow your brain to evaluate information as clearly. The wide eyes of your conscience balances the scales of judgment, allowing you to accurately weigh all information that comes your way. Your conscience is the ultimate information-processing function of your brain.

organizing information

Be a Master of Information


If we don’t learn to have discriminating tastes about the information we take in, we may go into unhealthy information overload. You can be a master of information by choosing empowering information for your brain.

lotus in water

Lotus: It is Life

A few days ago I took a walk in the early morning and noticed beautifully blooming lotuses in a pond.…
Ilchi Lee qigong

My Life After Sixty


Even in their later years, there are many people who live their lives to the fullest without setting aside their dreams and passion for life. Ilchi Lee shares his dream now that he’s turned sixty years old.

center of a red rose

Did I not love you?


The song to you called “Did I Not Love You?” by the Norwegian duo, Secret Garden, touched Ilchi Lee’s heart so much he played it for the people he loves and wants to share it with everyone.