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Brain Education Cubed

Although my hair is white, I am feeling younger and younger nowadays. And this year I have been embracing the…
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Return to Nature

I’ve been exploring the potential of information technology a lot lately. I am amazed at how this technology offers me…
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Brain Wave Vibration Creation Story


Ilchi Lee relates the story about how he was lead to create Brain Wave Vibration after falling off a horse. Brain Wave Vibration is a simple method of getting ki (chi, qi) flowing so your body can heal itself better.

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Hope Springs from Garbage


My hope is that my personal experience as someone with an attention deficit disorder, who discovered hope in himself and worked ceaselessly to establish the academic discipline of Brain Education, who founded a college and become its president, will contribute at least a little to education reform.

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Movie Recommendations for a Better World


Though movies are not new technology, I marvel at the ways films have been presented in recent years and the fact that previously obscure information has made its way to so many people at the same time. Today, I’d like to share with you the top four movies of recent years that I have recommended and quoted a lot in my lectures.

Ilchi Lee Brain Wave Vibration interview

[Video] Ilchi Lee Explains Brain Wave Vibration

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In this video, Ilchi Lee explains how his Brain Wave Vibration method improves concentration and relieves stress, allowing practitioners to be more healthy, successful, ethical, and considerate of their communities, countries, and the world.

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Back to School


An acquaintance of mine recently introduced me to a school in Kanghwa Province, South Korea that is experimenting with a better way. Looking for hope for our education system, I decided to visit this alternative school.