Character Traits Needed for PDCA

Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) works best when we:

1. Are honest
2. Are sincere
3. Delete the negative information in our brains.

Being honest means observing our problems objectively, figuring out what we don’t know, and having a clear picture of the current status. It’s easier to be honest if we don’t judge ourselves harshly.

Ilchi Lee - honesty, sincerity, responsibility

Humility is also essential to being honest. If we feel like we know everything and are too proud or selfish, or if we are too stuck in our ego, then we cannot see ourselves clearly and cannot do PDCA effectively.

We won’t have the power to overcome our inner obstacles, however, without sincerity. That’s the engine that takes us from one step to the next.

But that engine will not have fuel if it is siphoned away by negative information about ourselves or the situation. Our brains cannot work optimally for a goal when it’s filled with negative information. The only way to delete negative information is by “purifying” it. To purify information, look at it, admit that you have it, and then release it with a desire for improvement.

As you can see, the characteristics society commonly admires are essential for successful PDCA. Cultivating them will improve every aspect of our lives.

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