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We are halfway through our month-long study of the ancient Asian text, the Chun Bu Kyung. Congratulations to everyone who has been following it from the beginning. If you have, have you begun to see a pattern? The Chun Bu Kyung repeatedly communicates universal oneness and harmony as the nature of everything. We’ve extrapolated many lessons from this principle that we can apply to our lives. That’s the trick, isn’t it—. Any form of awakening or enlightenment is not real unless you can communicate it with others and make it a reality in your life and theirs.

Today we’re taking a peek at the next line of the Chun Bu Kyung:
Ilchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - yukIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - saengIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - chilIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - palIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - guIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - un

Yuk Saeng Chil Pal Gu Un

Literal meaning: Six bears seven, eight, nine, circulate
You know, in Five Elements Theory in Asian medicine, the number six is associated with water, which means increasing or creating. There are many correlations like that in the Chun Bu Kyung, which uses numbers to talk about life. It’s not just the Chun Bu Kyung that does that, but other people have too, like Pythagoras. Everybody knows Pythagoras, right? He made the Pythagorean Theorem. Pythagoras thought numbers were pure and universal and could present and communicate essential laws.

The purity and meaning of numbers are communicated through energy. When I’ve sat and meditated on this phrase, I’ve asked my brain what it means. I know it will give me an answer because my brain doesn’t just house a collection of information I’ve accumulated. It has access to the Universal Mind, what I call Chunjimaeum, which has all the answers. I know when an answer I get comes from the Universal Mind because I can feel it in my heart.
Ilchi Lee - energy - universal mind

An answer I received for this phrase of the Chun Bu Kyung is that as we grow spiritually, our minds expand so that it matches the Universal Mind. They become one and the same. Even though we already have access to the Universal Mind inside our brains from birth, most people don’t learn to pay attention to it, although some have flashes of insight and instinct. We can develop our minds so that we don’t just get flashes, we make choices from moment to moment with Chunjimaeum. Can you imagine the kind of lives we could live, and the kind of world we could create, if everyone used this mind at all times?

Hand in hand with Chunjimaeum comes Chunjikiun, the energy of the cosmos. The more our smaller mind becomes one with Universal Mind, the more cosmic energy flows through us. By using energy exercises such as kigong to circulate this energy throughout our bodies, we connect more with Universal Mind. With energy circulating, Chunjimaeum enjoys us, and we enjoy it. Our hearts overflow with love and harmony, as well as an earnest desire to circulate that mind throughout the entire world.

Have you tried exercises such as kigong, tai chi, or yoga? What changes did you experience in your mind as you practiced them?

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  • Thank you Seuseungnim!

  • I have had many experiences practicing kigong and dahn mu do. Especially when holding one kigong posture for an extended time. At first I felt the discomfort of my body. Then all tension and pain went away. My chest felt opened and relaxed and I wanted to stay there forever. I thought ten minutes past when we stopped. When I looked at the clock it was thirty minutes. Amazing, the power of Dahn Mu Do/Kigong. Suseungnim Gamsahamnida.

  • Sounds of interest.

  • When I practice yoga or DahnMuDo, I always experience my body to brighten up energy and

  • Harsha Healer Nim
    March 25, 2011 4:00 pm

    Thanks a millions for all the joys, HSP and inspiration which I get on daily basis for making my Life Worthwhile and interesting on this planet.
    Harsha Mehta

  • Carol Schroll
    March 28, 2011 4:07 pm

    When I practice Ki Gong I can feel a surge on fresh energy replacing the old tired energy, especially at the end of the day. My thinking calms down and I feel good! I have fully tapped into Chunjimaum, however sometimes there are things I just know. This is what I want to develop more and more. Thank you.

  • Heather Hebert del Cuadro
    January 2, 2012 1:00 am

    Dear Seuseung nim, I have been practicing for 5 years and have learned I invaluable lessons. I want to grow my vision and help with Brain Education for kids in San Diego, CA. I am a Special Education Teacher and I do Power Brain Kids exercises with my students. I see a huge change in their abilities and confidence increases. Are you planning on helping create more Brain Education in San Diego? The kids really need it on a large scale. I would love to help with this cause but have limited financial resources. Do you suggest any ways to help me find resources in the California region? Blessings! Heather Dotong Gunja

    • Hi Heather,
      Do you go to the Oceanside Dahn Yoga Center in San Diego? Have you talked to the manager there about teaching more Brain Education? If not, you can find the contact information at Other good organizations to speak with are Power Brain Education ( They are in New York but they may have ideas for you because they run centers for children and families. They also run workshops for educate teachers on how to incorporate Brain Education into their classrooms. You can also try the International Brain Education Association (IBREA) – They teach Brain Education in schools in other countries. It seems like the least expensive way is to have Brain Education incorporated into school curriculums. Good luck!


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