A Great Merger

You may have heard that . . . everything changes. This simple statement may sound obvious, yet great insight can be extracted from it if you look at it a little more closely.

The Chun Bu Kyung says:
Ilchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - daeIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - sahmIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - hap

Dae Sam Hap

Three Trinities make six, and they create seven and eight, nine appears, and there comes a turning

Or more literally, “big or great three gathers or unites.” As energy gathers into the integrated trinity of Heaven, Earth, and Human, it multiplies, grows, evolves and circulates. By nature, it changes. The combinations of Heaven, Earth, and Human produce countless forms and shapes which will evolve, multiply, and develop before reaching completion and recycling. This natural creative process is self-sustaining. It’s the same process found in the cycle of life and death of an individual living being, the rise and fall of a nation, and the constriction and expansion cycles of the cosmos.

However, Dae tells us to expand our mind until it encompasses the universe. Then we can see beyond its ever-changing nature to its underlying emptiness and glimpse our own underlying nature. Hap prods us to join our evolving and decaying form with the everlasting divinity inside us. That divinity is always searching for us. If we make up our minds to search for it as well, those twin desires will become one and we’ll be like a mother hen pecking at the outside of an eggshell while her chick pecks from within. At the final moment, these two forces break down the walls separating them, and a new life begins.

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  • I feel like this… searching… and being searched for… reading this reminds me off the art off life. I forgot and remembered… than forgot again… and remembered (and so on) to be a artist off life. The artist being the instrument through which life can flow. Like sacred space in which life can flow in peace. Safe and wonderful as it is. Like the transmitter between nerves and the brain, we are like transmitters between heaven and earth. If I allow myself to be like a transmitter, I tune into alignment. In the eye off the storm…
    I so often get distracted and out off alignment… In the midst off the storm… And so often people like you all, help me remember.
    Thank you!

  • To me, this is the most profound phrase in the Chun Bu Kyung.
    I love the chicken and egg analogy. Thanks for that! I will keep pecking my way through that fragile shell, feeling more brightly, each day, the essence of the my divinity yearning to meet me!

  • Heaven and Earth is my parents. I am a child of heaven and earth and here for taking my journey to grow my soul. I pray for meeting my parents at my final moment. Dae Sam Hap…

  • Roland Rodriguez
    February 16, 2011 3:28 pm

    as we take on these countless forms and shapes we need to remember that this body is mine but not me.

  • Thank you, I will keep expanding my consciousness and connecting with everything around me.

  • This is put in such an inspiring way, thank you. I feel that my life has meaning to know that I may connect with the divinity within as everything changes outside. Also the feeling of having the meaning of my life is embedded within my heart. I feel a strong sense of peace and true worth over my being as I study Chun Bu Kyung. And have begun to experience that our humanity’s treasures lies within. I hope that we all reach Chun Hwa.

  • Thank you and it is so exciting to know there are no limits to the mind, body and spirit. So grateful to find Dahn Yoga! I love the Nature Heals CD and can’t get enough of it!
    Peace and Love!

  • I am so ancious to meet with Heaven and Earth that it”s all i want.
    Thank you Seuseungnim.!!!

  • This is beautiful!


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