Hatch Your Inner Power

hatching meditationWhile raising chickens in New Zealand, I discovered something amazing. One of the hens decided that, instead of letting me have her egg one day, she was going to incubate it. She even pecked at my hand when I tried to push her away.

So I thought, there’s something to this chicken. Normally, if a person is coming, a chicken will run away. But when the chicken is sitting on the egg, she will risk her life. There is no retreat and no surrender. This chicken just sat there for one day, two days, and she wouldn’t even eat. So we let her brood and incubate the egg.

If you give an egg 36 to 37 degrees Celsius in temperature, then the light of life comes on. Twenty-one days later, a chick came out. It’s such an amazing and wondrous phenomenon. It’s really the wonder of life.

Watching this, I discovered a new method of meditation that helps you experience the preciousness of life.

Take a raw egg and hold it up around nose height with your left hand and cover it with your right hand. Decide in your mind: I’m going to incubate this egg. Cover the egg with your own body temperature. Close your eyes. Feel the temperature and concentrate. That temperature is what makes the egg become a chick. A miracle of life is happening in your hands. When you feel the temperature, when you become one with that temperature, you disappear and only energy remains. The more you focus on the temperature and become one with the temperature, you realize, oh, this is muah . . . nothingness.

When you disappear and all of your thoughts are stopped, then in that place, the spark of life can come to be, and even your body becomes purified. Even if you just stay three minutes in this state, then your body will change. Three changes will take place: a change in recovering your conscience and good character, a change in your natural healing ability, and a change in creation that happens through your awakening and enlightenment about life.

You have the power to create life. You possess this power, the power to create life. So when you have the awakening and enlightenment that you have this power, then your value becomes different. That’s not something you have to learn. That’s something given to us by nature. It’s the power of birth and the power of hatching.

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