Hope Springs From Garbage: You read the post, now see the video

I’ve told the story of the pumpkin patch I grew in my youth many times. But I think this short animation brings it to life, just as growing the pumpkin patch and sharing the pumpkins with my village brought me to life. I hope you have opportunities to learn the value of hard work and doing things that help others.

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  • Thank you Ilchi Lee for inspiring me to live with honesty, a diligent work ethic, and a big open heart all of the time. I will strive to always live this way for the rest of my life!

  • Thanks you this story! I’ve shared it many times with friends and loved ones. It continues to be a source of hope and inspiration.

  • Dear Ilchi Lee,
    This story always strikes a cord into my being. From your sharing I am experiencing this. I must say I have come to see inside me a pile of garbage. The many emotions that I wanted nothing of, but to ignore or try and hide. I have an idea inspired by your story, I will move that pile from the hidden places way in the back of my mind. I am using Brain Wave Vibration to work those emotions out. I am cleaning the pile of garbage that no one had wanted to touch. At times I do feel a little funny after all this is my garbage, but I have hope. Each day I gather a little more inspiration from you. My goal is to heal my mind and the world. Thank You Ilchi Lee.
    In addition to all other readers of this post, thank you all the lovely people to share with me by reading this. One more thing. At one time I was scared about reaching this goal. I am honest to say “lucky to be here”. I have been given this chance to realize my true self with you all nearby. This is my way of saying to you all thank you for sharing your company through the internet. And a special thanks to Ilchi Lee for delivering inspired hope to us all.


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