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Recently a member of the [Body & Brain] Yoga centers in South Korea sent me this letter. I was so touched by it, I would like to share it with you so you can better understand the vast potential of your brain.

Dear Ilchi Lee,

My name is Kyung Sook Kim from the Kangwon region. I’ve practiced [Body & Brain] Yoga for 7 years. I have a husband and two children.

I started [Body & Brain] Yoga after seeking consultation at my local [Body & Brain] Yoga center for my older child’s difficulty concentrating. Brain Education was recommended for her, and as I sat in the consultation, I realized that I must change first if I wanted my child to change. So I signed up for a Gold membership at the center, and my daughter started taking Brain Education classes. During the consultation, I learned how children could study using the “brain screen” method. I began to trust that if they learned to study this way, then studying could be enjoyable.
Ilchi Lee - mother & daughter at the beach

So, I’ve been taking my daughter to Brain Education classes for nearly 7 years now. During that time, she did not take any private tutoring in any subject, nor did I send her to a private academy other than HapKiDo for her physical strength [Editor’s note: It is common in South Korea to take private lessons to improve in school]. My daughter’s grades were extremely low until she was in 4th grade, but whenever I felt concerned, I had a strong belief that things would eventually work out, so I just waited.

After 2 years of Brain Education classes, my daughter’s grades started to improve beyond the 90th percentile and then were 100% in all subjects for her 6th grade final exams. In junior high, my daughter did well on her midterm exam and for her 1st semester final exam, she got only one problem wrong and was ranked 1st in her class.

During summer break, while other children were spending time preparing and studying for the coming fall semester, my daughter learned to play guitar and went to a camp in China. There was a 2nd semester midterm exam last Monday and she scored 100% in all subjects, and again she ranked 1st in her class.

I am not happy just because my daughter earned 100% on all her exams. I am happy because she is able to record a “video” during her classes using her “brain screen” and then can file it in a “storage room” in her brain organized by subject. When needs it she can re-play and edit it. When she was too emotional or her mind was cluttered with too many thoughts, she could not bring up the brain screen. But my daughter is able to clear her brain now. I am so grateful and joyful that she was able to make good use of this system, accessing the higher potential of her brain however at will. It makes me cry.

Even when she is learning to play guitar, she brings up music on her brain screen. So she learns faster than other children. She even scored 100% on her English exam without attending a private English academy. Now she is looking for ways to study English at a deeper level, on her own, using her brain screen.
Ilchi Lee - daughter learning the guitar

My daughter told me, “Mom, if I didn’t have to go to school, I would want to go around to meet many 1st and 2nd graders and teach them how to study using a brain screen. I would show them how to study happily and joyfully and how to play at the same time.” She also said that she will become someone who will save the earth, and that her chest feels so clear, as if she blew her nose, but she doesn’t know why. Tears streamed from her eyes as she thanked me and hugged me. I promised my daughter I would deliver her gratitude to you, Ilchi Lee [for creating Brain Education]. All I did was to work hard to become a good mother, took my child to Brain Education classes and let her know that she has to develop the potential of her brain.

I am so grateful and happy that I just could not let this moment pass without offering this letter of gratitude to you. As part of a Hong Ik family, I will work toward making a society, a nation, and an earth that lives in cooperation and harmony, working for the benefit of all. Thank you so much for teaching me spiritual laws and how to feel a divine connection. I will be forever grateful.

With love and respect,
Kyung Sook Kim

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  • Thanks for this very promising story! We need these brain education classes taught world wide in every school and to every student.

  • This is really touching. I am impressed with how this mother trusted herself in raising her child with the methods that she felt would be most useful instead of just following the craze of all the parents around her. Also it is so beautiful to hear the child’s gratitude and deep hope that other children can enjoy learning and growing as she did.
    I hope many educators and parents utilize Brain Education principles for empowering their child’s confidence, well-being, and success.

  • Where can we learn more about the Brain Screen?

  • Thank you for the great reminder about the potential of our brains and how we can create the life we want.

  • I am so touched by Kim Kyung Sook’s letter and by also by her daughter. Thank you Ilchi Lee for sharing this letter. I am going to practice using my brain screen, too.

  • What an amazing and impressive story it is! I was moved by the lines which the young girl said. She wanted to help and make her friends happy. I have no doubt that she can be a great person who will save the earth in the future. I want to be trained by brain education like her!

  • Thank you for sharing this inspiring story! I hope soon all humans can record “videos” using their “brain screens” and then can file them in “storage rooms” in their brains organized by subject. When we need a specific “video” we’ll be able to re-play and edit it. We’ll then have the clarity that is free from emotion, attachment and aversion!


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