My Room, Myself

I think you can learn a lot about a someone by looking at a room that is personal to them. I’d like to introduce you to my room, a room in which I work, play, and study. By looking at a different part of it each week, I think we can explore different aspects of ourselves.

This picture shows the major items in my room. When you look at it overall, what feelings or impressions does it give you? What do those impressions tell you about yourself?

Ilchi Lee room

You can see that my room has different musical instruments, many kinds of butterflies stuck to the wall, and a landscape photograph with the sunlight shining brightly.

Since I like the movie Avatar, I also have several photographs of scenes from the movie, including an extreme close up of one of Jake Sully’s eyes.

Some of my favorite books are also in this picture, such as several by the Buddhist priest Beopjeong, who exemplified living a simple life with few possessions. Above all of these articles are masks showing an array of facial expressions.

When you look at these items, what grabs your attention the most? Why do you think you’re attracted to it?

As we explore ourselves with the different items in my room, we can explore the meaning of Jangsaeng (longevity with health and vitality), which I am thinking about a lot these days. What really fulfills us so that we live long, healthy, productive, and satisfying lives? How can it be done?

Until next week …

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