Recovering a Sense of Humanity

You probably remember the news about the atrocious massacre committed by a religious fanatic in Norway. This right-wing extremist himself declared that he was not a person but a huge monster. Dogmatic conviction gone wrong made him lose his humanity and turned a human being into a slave of information.

Norway is the country that awards the Nobel Peace Prize; there are no religious or social disputes, the happiness quotient of its people is among the highest in the world, and it is praised as the model of an exemplary advanced welfare nation. However, through this incident, we can see how incomplete and precarious welfare can be when it has not fully restored a sense of humanity.

Welfare that doesn’t restore a sense of humanity is incomplete and does not have the potential to last. Even the welfare of northern Europe, envied by people around the world, stays in material limitations and the pursuit of equality. With welfare that cannot restore a sense of humanity, the happiness of all people cannot be achieved, and an era of spiritual civilization and true peace cannot come about.

Restoring a sense of humanity requires three factors:

  1. Finding self-esteem,
  2. Restoring and maintaining your conscience,
  3. Being healthy and hard-working.

True welfare actualizes all of these things.

People who are hard-working and live healthy lives with strong self-esteem and conscientiousness are able to accomplish anything and tend to be liked by everyone. They can live with confidence and self-assurance, and aim for unshakeable happiness.

Sometimes self-esteem can be confused with arrogance. But self-esteem comes from the essential being (True Self), while arrogance comes from emotion. Self-esteem comes from being centered in your higher self, and arrogance comes from being centered in others. People who have good self-esteem are not swayed or hurt by what others say, but those who are arrogant are easily influenced and hurt, and are always self-conscious. Positive self-esteem comes from self-assurance and comes with a philosophy.

Self-esteem allows you to live with conscience. If you have a strong conscience and strong self-esteem, rather than accepting the value given to you by the world, you can discover your own value, an absolute value independent of outside variables.

Self-esteem and conscience are the LifeParticle Sun, the source of the life energy of the universe. Self-esteem, conscience, and a healthy and hard-working lifestyle—with just these three factors, anyone can be happy. That happiness has the potential to last. It’s a happiness that is complete.

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  • The meaning of “True walfare” is really profound. Thank you so much for awakening me. All country need to realize true walfare.

  • Thank you for this posting. I find this very helpful. During my daily life, I will meditate on meeting the three standards for maintaining and growing my Humanity.

  • Hagop Kurdoghlian
    September 16, 2011 3:09 pm

    I totally disagree with the first part of this article regarding the
    killings in Norway. This killer is a politically motivated person.
    It has nothing to do with “True Welfare” and or “Religious Faith”.
    It is best to stay away of this kind of examples.
    Thank you.

  • Thank you for sharing your opinion. Would anyone else like to comment on it?
    For myself, I kind of wonder at your telling someone what kind of examples they should use or not, when they are just sharing their opinion or view of the world. I think you give someone too much power when you think it’s worth advising them that way. Where does the harm lie? Can’t everyone decide for themselves what they think the killings in Norway are about?
    It may be that the man in Norway was politically motivated rather than acting out of some religious conviction. Nevertheless, true welfare is about human beings taking care of each other and the earth by acting upon their conscience and self-esteem. the purpose of the example is simply to bring up the point that, if we all work together to create this kind of true welfare, such atrocities don’t have to happen.


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