Study of My Workspace #3: The Eye of the Avatar

The item in my workspace that gets the most comments is a poster I have of a close-up of one of the eyes of the character Jake Sully from the recent blockbuster Avatar. People ask me, “That poster is quite powerful. Where did you get it?” Or they wonder, “Why did you hang up that poster? It’s very striking; there must be a special reason you have it.”

Actually, I really enjoyed watching Avatar, and was touched by its message. Every time my eye catches this poster, I feel inspired again. That’s why I put it where I can see it easily. It reminds me to stay alert, and keep an eye on myself.
When you look at the poster, what does it say to you? How does the eye make you feel?

Jake Sully's eye from Avatar

Poster of the eye of Jake Sully in the movie Avatar

It reminds me that there are always many eyes watching us and evaluating us. We are conscious of those eyes and the judgment that usually accompany them. Consciously and unconsciously, they often affect our thoughts and actions.

One pair of ever-observant eyes comes from ourselves. We are especially conscious of these eyes. Actually, we have more than one pair of internal eyes evaluating us. There are the eyes of our small self, and there are the eyes I am most interested in—the eternal eyes of “absolute consciousness” that come from the center of your inner self.

I first experienced Oneness by looking through those eyes. It took 21 days of ascetic practice on Moak Mountain in Korea to do it. In that moment of enlightenment, I saw a myriad of people, including myself, trapped within the matrix of conventionalities we create for ourselves in this world. Absolute consciousness exists outside of that matrix in the full nothingness beyond all time, space, and matter. It is like the loving spirit of Eywa in the movie Avatar, which was the essence of everything.

The moment I saw the giant eye in the poster, I felt the eyes of absolute consciousness upon me. Our conscience comes from absolute consciousness. The eyes of absolute consciousness are the eyes of our conscience. When I look at myself through these eyes, I think and act the same regardless of whether or not I am with other people. I feel a kind of steadfastness even in the midst of an endlessly changing world. It makes me realize that if everyone could see themselves through the eyes of absolute consciousness, the whole world would become more peaceful.

Yet, many people don’t realize that there are eyes inside watching themselves in every situation. They are different when they are by themselves and when they feel that others are watching them. Some may even try to deceive people, believing that others won’t realize it.

On the other hand, some people are in touch with their conscience. They are conscious enough to know how to watch themselves, and are honest and sincere in word and deed. They are aware of the connectedness of all things and so work to benefit the world.

Now when you look into the eye of the Avatar poster, can you feel the clear and bright eye of absolute consciousness looking out from your inner self? When you see the world through this eye, it’s easier to live by your conscience. I think when more and more people wake up their conscience, the world will finally change. That is the hope I cherish.

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  • That is my hope as well. We have been trained to put importance on material possession over personal possession…being able to control inner emotions after spending quality time delving into ourselves to understand what we can best do to make our time a paradise on earth. How to go to the light, not the dark.


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