Thank You for Your Questions about The Call of Sedona (Part 2)

I’d like to continue answering questions I received from high school students in North Las Vegas about my latest book, The Call of Sedona. You can read the rest of the questions by clicking here.
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“I had an experience about two weeks ago during my first time meditating. I put on the meditation track and followed a women’s voice throughout my journey. I was laying flat on the ground with my belly up and my hands behind my head. About 8-10 minutes into meditation, I began to feel a sensation as if someone was touching my dahnjon [energy center in the lower abdomen]. I kept my eyes closed because I was afraid that if I opened my eyes, I would interfere with my meditation experience. This feeling happened about 3 more times during my meditation period, I’m curious to know if you might know what that was. Also, I remember seeing patterns in my eyes even though they were closed. In addition, at one point of time, I remember the feeling that my hands were not touching anymore.”
It’s great that you had such a visceral meditation experience. Everything you experienced were different energy phenomena that occurred in your body and mind. If you keep practicing, you will have many more experiences of different kinds. However, it’s important not to dwell too much on a particular experience. Just notice what happens and then let it go and stay in the moment. It is this steady focus in the moment that is important rather than fleeting occurrences.

“Where would you retire to?”
My work is my passion and my fun. I feel called to do what I’m doing, as if it is part of my very nature. I cannot imagine stopping. I will continue to share the messages of Sedona and the Earth for as long as I am able.

“After reading the The Call of Sedona I realized that as long as you put your mind to do or complete an objective you can. I also feel like life is what you make it and how you would view where you are going by staying focused. But what gave you the idea to do a large journey like the one you did?”
As I wrote in The Call of Sedona, I had many questions about life and death in my youth that remained unanswered. These questions were so important to me that I felt like life was meaningless unless I knew its purpose. It was this desire to know the answers to these questions that began my journey.

“… my question is how has your family viewed your work to help heal the world? Do they support you at all?”
My family has been very supportive of my work, and especially now that my sons have grown, they take part in it. They help me share the messages I’ve received and the techniques I’ve developed. I am sorry I could not be there for them all of the time when my children were young, but I’m grateful they have stuck by me and my work, even when they did not always understand my decisions initially.

“In The Call of Sedona, chapters like, 5, 6 and 13, you discuss about the messages you have ‘received’ while dwelling in Sedona when you activate the Chunjimaum and Chunjikiun receptors within the human mind, body, and soul, when done correctly, you experience such divine phenomena, how did you know which events to include in the book? What process did you use to narrow down what you experienced?”
While I have a wealth of experience to share, I chose particular stories for The Call of Sedona because I wanted to inspire people to overcome their limitations and realize their dreams. I am not someone with special powers or an extraordinary upbringing, so by telling my own story I hoped I could show it was possible for anyone to create their dreams. Also, because the focus of this book was Sedona, I limited the majority of the experiences I wrote about to those that occurred in Sedona.

“Reading this book has gone out the realm of anything that a high school student usually learns about in any of their classes. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read this book because now I have a better understanding of the world and reading it makes me want to realign my goals in life. If it is not too much to ask I would like to inquire about the woman who realized that she was reliving a sort of déjà vu, that she was a Native American who died there. I would like to know more about her story because that experience she had really struck a chord in me. I would also like to ask you about the difficulties you encountered while trying to become enlightened and also having to try to provide for your family. How where you able to balance the two without getting sucked back into the programmatic lifestyle?”
I found balance by maintaining my meditation practice and keeping in tune with the awakenings and enlightenment I had found. With that practice, I have been able to align my everyday thoughts and actions with my vision of creating a better world. Providing for my family has been a part of that rather than something separate. My vision is so vast and far-reaching that it requires my overcoming many obstacles, including my own limitations, which is not possible if you fall into a “programmatic lifestyle.” It is not yet complete, and its constant pull and my dedication to it keeps my mind and energy fresh and filled with a flow of new ideas.

One thing I know for sure about the woman you mentioned: Her life was not a “happily ever after” because of that experience. But I believe she discovered what truly mattered to her.

“What intrigued me most about your book Mr. Ilchi Lee is the great resonance of the use of Sedona as a great metaphor. What I believe your intention was is to show everybody that the place for enlightenment can be different for everybody; it’s just the place that one feels most at peace with. For example when you talk about the Lady the resembled the Native Americans and when she came to Sedona she felt that was where she belonged and that is when she realized that is where here roots are, I think everybody has that realization, that sense of belonging and a sense of being one with the environment around you. (please correct me if I’m wrong)”
I agree that everyone has the potential to have the realization that they are one with their surroundings. Sedona itself is not the answer. Sedona and any place you feel you belong to is connected to your own inner space that gives you meaning and value. Please nurture that space with great love and care.

“Dear Mr. Lee, you are my favorite Lee besides Bruce Lee and Jet Li. I greatly enjoyed your book. It helped me understand the difference between completion and success. I must admit that I always wanted to be complete but I would confuse it with success… Thank you for writing the book and helping repair my relationship with the earth and others.”
Thank you for adding me to your favorite Lee list. I’m also a fan of Bruce Lee and Jet Li.

I admire the youth that all of you have. You are now living the spring season of your life. Blossom it fully and make this world more beautiful with your colors and fragrance. Every blooming flower is beautiful.

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  • How fortunate for that class of students to have had a teacher who saw the value of sharing the Call of Sedona with them. The level of maturity and insight they now have after reading the book was apparent in their thought provoking questions.
    The future of our world can be one of peace, harmony and wellbeing for everyone if this was on the curriculum of every school and every student was given the opportunity to read and discuss this in their class.

  • They are lucky students!! I hope many more get the chance to read and even study this book. Well done students!!

  • When teaching and educating, the information given was intellectual. It is great that The Call of Sedona has introduced that there is experiential learning. That is, experiencing beyond minds thinking. In my experience this is a missing key that’s now being invited to come forth here in the western teachings allowing for an inner awareness to profound creativity and solutions for sustaining successful, harm free with mutuality, serene livihankYhank you, have enjoyed all comments here.

  • Hmm….funny typo…should have read….”….serene living. Thank you have enjoyed the all comments here” 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing this Q&A. The students are very lucky to have encountered a work like Call of Sedona. I loved their questions with their fresh and pure perspective. I feel lighter (and younger) just from reading their questions. Thank you for sharing!

  • Wow, I was so impressed by their questions. The students seemed so atuned to the book and I could feel through their questions that they really understood the message and were very interested in everything. I wish i had the opportuniity to have had you speak at my school when I was a teenager. 🙂
    They were truly blessed that day and I am sure it will stay in their hearts forever. A beautiful gift.
    Woo Ae


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