Ilchi Lee’s Beauty Secret

The Beauty of Babes

Why is it natural to gaze at the face of a newborn
with a loving light in our eyes?
Because its face and eyes are bright and pure,
Just as your face and eyes were when you were a baby. The Beauty of BabesSuch brightness cannot be disguised
or created by make-up.
What hides this natural bright radiance
are negative emotions, thoughts, and judgments.

When we let thoughts and emotions quiet,
and express the love and gratitude within,
our face lights up and our gaze brightens.

Everyone wishes to be happy,
to be satisfied with what they have,
and to be at peace.
Love and peace aren’t something you look for
elsewhere or receive from others.
But you are free to use and dispense the love and peace within you.

Using the tranquil and beautiful energy at your core,
change your outward gaze, expression, and posture.
With confidence put your mind to this goal and it will happen.


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