Brain Wave Vibration Creation Story

Ilchi Lee relates the story about how he was lead to create Brain Wave Vibration after falling off a horse. Brain Wave Vibration is a simple method of getting ki (chi, qi) flowing so your body can heal itself better. This simple moving meditation can be done sitting, standing, and even lying down, and merely involves moving your body to its own innate rhythm while focusing on your body or brain.

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  • Amazing recovery!!!! It’s remarkable that such a terrible accident would lead to this discovery! More people need to know about this.

  • bwv works! we can all tap into our natural healing abilities. it’s about feeling our own body and recovering our lost ability to heal by ourselves. just takes a little bit of practice, but that’s all! i recommend it for anyone/everyone. 🙂

  • Thank you for developing such a simple but extremely effective method for all of us! Thank you for having such a strong faith in human perfection – it makes my heart more alive each time I think about your journey grandmaster Lee (Seuseung nim)! I admire you for all your efforts! God bless you!

  • You are a very intelligent individual!


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