Want to Change? Have Fun!

woman walking happilyDo you want to make a change?

Start by becoming a “fun” person—someone who makes their existence beautiful.

Becoming a fun person isn’t hard to do. Right now, at this very moment, change how you smile, how you speak, how you walk, and how you breathe. Smile radiantly, talk about good news, and walk in high spirits and with rhythm as you breathe.

When you do that, you will first become healthy, and you’ll become happy. When you become happy, you’ll be able to share it, and the number of people who like you will increase by the minute.

Every movement you make is art and becomes dance. The words you speak, your behavior, and your gait all become art and dance. Being a person who exists beautifully—someone who is fun—starts right here, right now.

Practice it every day, in every moment. Smile, talk about good news, walk with a spring in your step, and breathe.

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