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I first came to Sedona, Arizona, where I have a residence and several projects, 16 years ago. When I came, I came as a tourist. I saw the red rocks of Sedona and the juniper trees and I received inspiration from them. I had amazing experiences I’d like to tell you about in the near future. So I stayed in Sedona and started many projects to communicate what I’d learned. Through this work, such as giving meditation tours, I didn’t just communicate the external beauty of Sedona. I also communicated its energy, with its particles of life (or LifeParticles), which Sedona contains.

Since energy is always moving among living things and objects—for example, you can feel energy from a tree and also from people—the question one should ask is, “How does it move or how is it transferred?” Or how can you attract energy to you, or send it to another person? How is energy expressed? How can we use it and what can we use it for? All of these things are a matter of the mind. And they’re also a matter of the brain.

So I invented a term brain screen to describe these brain functions, although now I’ve decided to call it MindScreen because people might understand that better. A MindScreen is a kind of radar-like device that can take in energy and also broadcast it. Every person has this screen inside from birth, and there are all different kinds of screens.

Ilchi Lee - energy - mind screenYou can also think of it as consciousness or awareness. Most people make their decisions based on their knowledge or experience. Their ability to make decisions is very important for their life because it’s a person’s ability to decide things that also determines their destiny. Basing decisions only on knowledge or experience can limit what you’re able to do. For certain people, however, it’s not just about experience or knowledge. They also use a certain inspiration or insight or intuition.

So the MindScreen is actually a certain kind of inspiration. Or another way that might make it easier to understand is that it’s sort of like a dream state. When they’re in a dream state, people tend to be much freer than when they are awake. They can travel to the past or the future, or anywhere in the universe. Or for example, when I’m looking at a person, I can look at them like I’m drawing a picture and think, “What if I changed their hair color to blue?” The MindScreen is that free. Because in the end, color is also energy. So you can change an energy state any way you like with your MindScreen.

But most people tend to be rather fixed or static when it comes to a certain form or shape or color. When people live inside a physical or present reality, they tend to be trapped in that kind of reality and its fixed objects. In that sense, artists can be much more creative, because they can change the colors they use any way they like. In that sense, I feel like artists use their MindScreen.

So in all of the work that I’ve done in the 16 years since I first came to Sedona, I’ve done everything with my MindScreen, just as if I’m dreaming or painting a picture. In that sense, after I came to Sedona, I really used my MindScreen a lot. Instead of having flashes of insight or inspiration, however, I’m in that zone of using my MindScreen all the time. From that state of being, people are able to see and hear things that they can’t normally perceive with sight and sound in the physical world. And yet in that state of being, they can be more successful in the physical world. A healthy Water Up, Fire Down energy state is automatically created in their bodies, they have more creative ideas and wider insight, and they have more hope.

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  • Wow this is cool… a mind screen. We can all paint our lives of harmony and create such a world on earth.

  • Just wondering… Did the writer/translator for this page change recently? The writing seems to have increased in wordiness and decreased in quality. I am a big supporter of and the associated practice, but I am not a big fan of the change of writers…

    • Hi Curious,
      Thank you for your feedback. We have not changed writers and editors. However, in this post we were experimenting with posting a less edited version of what Ilchi Lee said recently to explain the mind screen concept, in hopes that doing so would transmit his thoughts and energy better, or at least more purely. This post is very close to a verbatim translation, but maybe that doesn’t work for articles on a blog. Speaking in person is a different medium of communication.
      For those of you who are more curious, I’d like to add that despite the need to translate and edit for, Ilchi Lee really wants to communicate through and have it keep up with his rapid pace of creativity and creation. So this blog reflects what he is currently thinking and teaching.
      Thank you for your support. If you have any more feedback that will help this website add more to your life, and especially your growth, please let us know at any time.
      — The Admins

  • Ichi Lee, my Seuseungnim (teacher), My heart is so inspired when I read these posts.
    I thank you for sharing what you know. Every day I feel stronger and
    more connected to my true self and my ability to help create 100 million
    Earth Citizens to hear and feel Mother Earth, to unite others to save the
    planet. I AM Looking forward to learning more about the brain screen and how to utilize it more. Kamsamnida Seuseungnim.

  • Dear Seuseungnim, thank you so much for sharing which is always so clearly and simply put, that anybody can start to practice and aply to their lifes.
    Through your sharings I learn and feel more confident to share with others too 🙂 I trully believe in mind power now… I trully believe I CAN CREATE ANYTHING I want in my life, as much as I connect with myself, my brain, my true self. Thank you for giving me all these tools to be able to grow! I appreciate you trully! Saranghamnida!

  • Hello Michela, thanks for your response. It makes a lot of sense and I see what you are trying to do. I do feel that the writing in this post sounds kind of… uneducated, or it could be taken that way by people who are less familiar with Ilchi Lee’s way of speaking. But thank you for continuing to share his heart and message with the world 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your feedback. It really is helpful to know what people think. Yes, you’re right, he does have a certain way of speaking. I wouldn’t want people to think Ilchi Lee is uneducated because that is not the case. He’s been educated in the usual sense (university degree etc.) and also his mind is quite expansive and brilliant in my opinion. Thanks for continuing to visit the site.
      All the best,

  • I really look forward to reading and learning from this web site everyday. I appreciate knowing that Seuseungnim is sharing with us on a day by day basis. My mind screen can open to infinite possibilities–awesome!

  • Is the content on our mind screen what we imagine our life could be before it has actually manifested in the physical realm or does it represent information coming to us from a higher plane of consciousness and, if that is the case, how can a “yet to be enlightened person” access that?

    • Hi Joan,
      There are different levels to the mind screen. As our level of consciousness increases, so does the level of information we can access with our mind screen. At a superficial level, we can use our mind screen to record what we see and hear into our memory and then play it back. It’s working at a level of the five senses and intellectual information. At this level it’s useful for doing well in school for example. As we go deeper we can see and sense energy better–even read people’s chakras and see any illness in the body. Later we gain greater access to spiritual information. I’m writing this in a linear fashion, but of course, it’s not a linear progression at all.
      As you already seem to know, however, the mind screen doesn’t just read external information. It’s also involved in output. We can imagine our life as we want it to manifest, plan a strategy for doing it, and solve problems along the way more easily with our mind screen because we are getting a lot of other stuff out of the way and tapping into our creativity. That information comes from our own brain. But again, as our level of consciousness increases, we get closer and closer to the divinity in our brain that is connected to the universe, and the answers it holds. What we imagine for our lives changes too. We may evolve from wanting a better job to wanting world peace for instance. Both of these things are good of course, and your mind screen can handle both simultaneously. Again, this is not linear. You may have flashes of insight from a higher plane of consciousness, even though your mind may not exist in that state at all times yet. Using your mind screen helps you have those flashes and increase their frequency.
      I wouldn’t worry about what level you are at though. You don’t have to be a “fully enlightened person” to use and grow your ability to use your mind screen. The mind screen concept gives you an awareness of how you can use your brain to create your life. And that awareness itself raises your consciousness. As you practice with it, your awareness will become deeper automatically. The important thing is trust. Trust your brain and your mind screen, and trust the life working through you, regardless of whether you feel “enlightened” or not.
      Also, Ilchi Lee said that we can’t completely know what level of mind screen we are using ourselves. Only a teacher who is at a higher level of development than we do can really tell.
      I hope this response helps somewhat. Ilchi Lee will be writing more about the mind screen, and how he first really experienced it in Sedona (though he knew the concept before he came to Sedona), next month.
      Thank you,

      • Michela,
        Thank you for your prompt and very thorough reply to my question, it helped me a great deal to understand the concept better and to see how important trust and belief is in allowing the answers to flow to and though me.

  • Thankyou, IL CHI SEUSEUGNIM !!!!!!! It is really thruth i expierience myself without even know it. I had this dream to became a Dahn yoga instructor and always saw myself teaching the class in my center , and now i am doing it in reality , now in my mind screen is playing i am a Dhan Master.
    Thank you.

  • Sedona is so special…so lovely…so inspiring. I want to return some day soon.

  • Awesome, thank you very much Seuseungnim! I feel so inspired~

  • When I started using my mind screen I could see how stagnate my thoughts were. But after practicing, I could break out of my mold and become free. I enjoy using my brain screen like I enjoy watching a movie… except I have full control over what I am seeing. It is so empowering!

  • What a deep ancient wisdom that we have forgotten thousands of years reborn modern world! I do not know how to express such huge gratitute to my SSN.


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