Every Blooming Flower Is Beautiful

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Myo Yeon Mahn Wang Mahn Rae

Way less is the way all comes and all goes. All things come and go in indescribable wonder of harmonious order.

As we learned from the first few lines of the ancient Asian text, the Chun Bu Kyung, the One, the Origin of everything, becomes many things. It changes into Beginning (Shi, 始), Nothingness (Mu, 無), and Ending (Jong, 終). It also changes into Heaven (Chun, 天), Earth (Ji, 地), Humanity (In, 人), and myriad (Mahn, 萬) other forms. It goes through more changes than we can count. And yet, no matter what it changes to, at its center, it’s always the same, and it always circles back to the One. This phenomena is truth being expressed and changing with different energies.

Because everything that exists grows and blooms from the trunk of the one tree called, “Life,” each branch, leaf, and flower is beautiful. But when you Ilchi Lee - energy - flowerslook at the whole tree, with flowers great and small, budding and blooming, wilted and blowing in the wind, everything expressing harmony, truth, and life, you see an even greater beauty.

So take some time each day to look past all of the different external forms, and see the beauty of the same life force in everything. Look deep inside an individual form, and then take a step back and see the earth as a whole. Let the beauty you see inspire love and caring from your heart. That love in your chest is the same One, or Source, with which you can create myriad forms.

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  • Create from my heart! I will do my best! Thank You Ilchi Lee!

  • This has always been my favorite line, although I never really understood why… just a feeling.
    Now I know… what a beautiful “form” of the truth <3

  • I don’t quite understand the first and second words. What does “way less” mean? Could you explain further please? Thank you.

  • Hi Xixi,
    Thank you, that’s a really good question.
    Way less is used to explain Myo, which also means mysterious, incomprehensible, and/or unknowable. In this case it can be interpreted to mean that there isn’t just one known way life changes or expresses itself. Instead there are infinite and mysterious ways.
    Also, even though everything comes and goes, when you look deeper at the source of everything, it’s not actually changing or moving. It doesn’t have a “way.”
    You can also look at the level of subatomic or elementary particles. The same few types of particles underlie all matter and create many different forms.
    Another good way of learning about the Chun Bu Kyung is meditating and reflecting on it and finding your own interpretation. If you keep Myo in the back of your mind, you’ll start to notice things in your life that will shed more light on it and you’ll be able to learn from your experience.
    Does that help you understand wayless better? Do you have any other questions?
    Thank you,


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