Meet This Centenarian Who Never Stops Learning

This 100-year-old serves as a role model for living a long, healthy, and happy life.

I’m always thrilled to meet someone who we can look up to as a role model. Right after going through two weeks of New Zealand’s standard coronavirus quarantine regimen recently, through a mutual connection, I met a “young” man who turned one hundred years old this year. When I was writing my book, I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years, I mentioned how inspired I was by a youthful centenarian golfer I’d met, but meeting Inmyung Kim really made my heart glad.

Mr. Kim started practicing what has become my Brain Education self-development method since the second half of the eighties—the early days of the practice. He learned the method to an advanced level before he immigrated to New Zealand in 1999, where no Brain Education training center or instructors existed until recently.

Since then, Mr. Kim has been practicing on his own. He took care of his health diligently every day and even valued reading my early books daily. He never stopped learning and developing himself.

Now at one hundred, he looks twenty years younger and is more flexible than people half his age. Mr. Kim reads without glasses and still drives himself. He went to get the coronavirus vaccine and filled out the paperwork on his own. In addition to his body, his heart and mind, and his spirit, are strong and bright.

Inmyung Kim open leg and butterfly stretch

Because I was so grateful to Inmyung Kim for using Brain Education to develop and maintain his well-being, I invited him to stay at the Earth Village in Kerikeri, New Zealand for a week and take more Brain Education training that would help him live healthily to 120. I also gave him copies of my newer books, Water Up Fire Down and I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years.

120 meditation steps at Earth Village, New Zealand
The 120 Steps for meditation on a 120-year life at the Earth Village in Kerikeri, New Zealand.

Although there are many factors that may contribute to longevity, I think Mr. Kim serves as a reminder that a big piece may depend on how we choose to live. The habits we incorporate into our lives accumulate over time, having a synergistic effect. Through our actions, we can develop our physical power, heart power, and brain power so that we can have dynamic, hopeful lives regardless of our age.

Even though we may get help, ultimately, no one else can do this for us. The power to change ourselves comes from inside us. From this power comes the ability to achieve our dreams. And it starts with having physical power—having a strong, healthy body resistant to stress and illness.

No matter what we want, all we have to do is dream it, choose it, and carry it out day by day.

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