New Mexico Declared Feb 8, 2023 Earth Citizens Day

New Mexico Earth Citizen Day Declaration held with members
[New Mexico State Senator Nancy Rodriguez (second from right) with members of the Earth Citizen Movement]

In a declaration on February 8, 2023, the New Mexico State Senate proclaimed that day Earth Citizen Day after a successful vote for the “Earth Citizens Day” Memorial Act.

The Senate Memorial, proposed by Senator Nancy Rodriguez, was supported by many Democratic state senators, including the Democratic Party’s original secretary. After a heated discussion, the bill passed with a majority vote. Twenty-nine of the senators present voted for the legislation, one voted against, and five abstained.

[New Mexico State Senator Nancy Rodriguez]

The Memorial act recognized that:

  • Everyone living on earth is an Earth Citizen
  • Being an Earth Citizen means promoting mindful living, natural health, and world sustainability
  • The Earth is facing many new challenges at once
  • Change cannot happen without a change in consciousness
  • A change in consciousness starts with accepting Earth Citizenship as an identity and common ground between people
  • Ilchi lee founded the Earth Citizen Movement to connection one hundred million people in the spirit of Earth Citizenship
  • These Earth Citizens would form the foundation of a peaceful and sustainable future by leading “mindful, harmonious, and holistically sustainable lives”

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Because of this recognition, the state senate solved to demonstrate its commitment and leadership to sustainability and peace through the declaration of Earth Citizens Day. It hopes the declaration will remind everyone of the need to care for the planet and to embrace everyone with open hearts, regardless of their background or ideology.

The Senate delivered a copy of the declaration to Ilchi Lee, the founder and president of the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO). He expressed his gratitude for it, especially to Senator Rodriguez. He also sent his love, gratitude, and congratulations to all the members of the Earth Citizen Movement who had worked for a long time to bring it about.

[Members of the Earth Citizen Movement who supported the act.]

Ilchi Lee has long talked about and promoted the idea and necessity for adopting an Earth Citizen mindset. He believes this declaration of Earth Citizens Day means that the time has come for everyone to agree that the final path humanity must now choose is coexistence and that it has become a great starting point and ignition point.

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