2024: A New Year, A New Humanity

Ilchi Lee, Sedona, New Years 2024

This year gives us a new opportunity to recreate ourselves and give birth to a new humanity.

Dear Friends,

As the clock passed midnight where I am in Sedona, Arizona, USA, I sent loving energy and infinite blessings to the many people who have walked beside me toward a dream of a new humanity and a peaceful, harmonious world. I felt that a new year of a New Humanity had dawned, and I declared to myself, “I give birth to a new me!”

For more than 40 years, I’ve constantly had to renew myself with each new project I’ve taken on and each new challenge I’ve had to overcome. I appreciate all we’ve accomplished together, yet I recognize that it’s time to begin again.

It’s time to imagine new stories we want to write. In 2024, our new stories will be written by our choices. If we listen to our hearts, we will know what to choose. With each choice we make, our souls will become more alive. Our brains will be restructured and our lifestyle reshaped. Then, we can stand tall in front of ourselves and look at what we’ve created with gladness.

With the stories we create in 2024, we will not only make a new history for ourselves, but we will determine the destiny of humanity. I hope we can all choose a story of a new humanity based on love and harmonious coexistence with ourselves, each other, and the earth.

For all our sakes, we need to come together with a clear dream and vision of a new humanity. Then, if we give birth to ourselves in the exact story we want with honesty, sincerity, and kindness, our vision will be achieved.

Each and every one of us is a brilliant star. Let’s all shine brightly this year! Newsletter signup banner

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