You Absolutely Are Not Inadequate

Oceanside near green grass

Stepping into the flow of nature, we feel our wholeness and our creative power. We realize our true value, knowing we could never be inadequate.

Nature flows ceaselessly. It never stops. The ocean moves endlessly. The air also moves without stopping. All energy is moving ceaselessly.

At some point, we were separated from that flow of nature. When we reconnect with it, we can receive a lot of energy, and we can feel the great love of nature.

A soul once trapped in many emotions and in the systems of society can feel true freedom by communing with nature.

Before there was language, there was energy, and there was life. Nature is life itself. We can connect with the infinite energy in nature. In the infinite energy of nature, we can find our infinite value. This realization and value was lost, but we can always return to it when we let ourselves flow with nature.

We may often feel somehow inadequate in our daily lives. Once we’ve found that endless value, though, our inadequacy vanishes. We’re able to feel a fullness, sensing, “Oh, I’m whole!” The power of creation comes from there.

The power of nature is found in creativity. When we find that original creativity, we realize, “Oh, this was who I really am!”

Our parents can’t teach us that, and they don’t teach it in schools, either. We find and discover it for ourselves. It’s our true value.

I hope you always remember that you absolutely are not inadequate. If you have felt inadequate, it’s because the education you received and the systems of society taught it to you. Please do not judge yourself based on the standards of the world. They’re not perfect assessments.

It’s enough for each of us to be who we are. We don’t need to do things exactly like other people. It’s enough for us to discover and realize the value we have. I hope for such a world. Newsletter signup banner

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