Begin and End with the Heart: Your Greatest Valentine

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Communicating with our hearts opens our world to the love and brightness that enlivens our souls.

Everything comes from the heart. The beating of our hearts offers us proof we are alive. If our hearts are alive, we are truly alive. In our heartbeats, we can sense the great life force of the universe. We can feel the love that makes our souls complete and gives our lives meaning. No matter how difficult a situation is, if our hearts are alive, we can have hope.

So let’s start the day and end the day with the heart. Feel your heartbeat and communicate with your heart. Accept and embrace the love in your heart. Express your gratitude for all its hard work, and apologize for the pain you may have inflicted on it out of fear.

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By spending time with our hearts, we need not be lonely. We can soothe its emotional pain so that the pure love, which is independent of emotion, can shine through. Such a healthy heart longs to connect with others. It has the courage to reach out and share itself.

With the extension of our hearts, our world gains meaning. Our very souls are expressed; we enliven each other. There is nothing more sacred than that.

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