Draw a New You

draw your life

You are nothingness, a blank slate. Different thoughts come, painting all kinds of pictures on that empty canvas. Good thoughts, evil thoughts, happy thoughts, unhappy thoughts, imaginings of all sorts leave their traces on the bare background before going on their way. The vacant page itself is neither good nor bad. It’s just a blank sheet. Drawing a good picture makes it good, and drawing a bad picture makes it bad. That is all.

What’s important is that you are the owner of that blank slate. You are nothingness that can choose itself. That nothingness can attract good thoughts, and it can attract bad thoughts.

Mistakenly believing that the image in their mind at some moment is who they are, people are hurt by what they see. But the picture can always be erased and drawn again.

We are allowed more than one portrait. Having a blank canvas stretching to infinity, we can always paint another picture. There is a new you somewhere. Your essence is a clean, unmarked sheet; on it you can sketch a drawing then erase it, hundreds upon hundreds of times.

Like changing the TV to the channel you want, you can change the channel of your thoughts, habits, and feelings. You always have the right to choose the programming you watch. No one can set your channel for you.

We can encounter a new world when we escape from the narrow confines of our fixed ideas and habits. Remember that you have an infinite, blank canvas, and that you always have the right to choose your channel.

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