Meditation for Overcoming Loneliness and Fear

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It’s natural to feel lonely or afraid, but if we realize the value and nature of our soul, we can transcend loneliness, fear, and other emotions.

As we go through life, there are times when we feel lonely, sad, or afraid. We’ve all had them. Many people have the misconception that if they become enlightened, emotions such as these will disappear. But no matter how much meditation or yoga we do, it’s normal to be hungry if we don’t eat, feel sad if someone we love passes away, or get angry if our cheek is slapped for no reason.

Although we cannot completely get rid of our emotions, we can change them. When we’re feeling unhappy, we can change that into happiness—that’s the true power of the mind. This power of the mind is none other than the power of the soul. Practices such as meditation and yoga can be used to develop this power. They allow us to feel and connect with our soul.

Those who have awakened to their souls can transcend loneliness, for the soul is never lonely. It can commune with nature and use the body to play, even when we’re alone. Through our soul in our heart and consciousness in our brain, we can connect with all that is. And our soul is always with us; it’s the one thing that we take with us when we leave this world.

What Is the Soul?

The soul as I talk about it is the pure energy in our hearts. It’s our identity, our answer concerning who we are. It is the stillness inside amid the ever-changing universe. Although we feel love when we feel our soul, our soul is not the emotion of love. Emotions are not the soul, because feelings can change with time; they are not eternal. Instead, they are like clouds. Clouds become rain, which rises again as water vapor, becoming clouds once more. Clouds and rain cycle endlessly, and our emotions are the same.

Our soul is eternal, so it gives each of us infinite value. If we feel fearful or alone, though, it’s hard to feel that value. Often these emotions come from comparing ourselves to others, looking outside of ourselves for our worth, or not trusting ourselves to be able to handle whatever changes or challenges life will bring us. In other words, they come from not paying attention to our soul. And they hide our value. Newsletter signup banner

Building a Valuable Life

Living without knowing our value is a sad thing. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we should do our best not lose that value, for it is everything. That entails feeling our soul, listening to our soul, and acting on its wishes. And it is living for our deep inner joy and peace.

When we do this, the energy of our soul grows stronger and brighter; it becomes “healthy.” I believe living for the health of our soul is a human being’s purpose for coming to the earth.

Just believing isn’t enough for this, however. We can feel our purpose ourselves when we connect with our soul. But just feeling this isn’t enough either. It requires daily practice and action. Just as we can’t learn a language on faith, we can’t live for our soul on faith. It’s up to us to listen and act for our soul every day. We have to keep at it. Our striving and staying with it is very beautiful.

The more we embody the bright energy of our soul, the more we create love and happiness for ourselves and those around us, and the more that fear and loneliness disappear. Click To Tweet

The more we embody the bright energy of our soul, the more we create love and happiness for ourselves and those around us, and the more that fear and loneliness disappear. Such emotions are chased away by the light of our soul. It shines more brightly than the energy of negative emotions. And we also don’t have space or time for such emotions when we are so busy giving our energy and attention to our soul and its wishes.

The wishes of our soul normally extend beyond our own self-interest. Being connected to all things, the soul loves and cares for all things. So when we live for our soul, we end up being Hongik, or “widely benefitting” others. A Hongik life is a soulful life. But it’s not a forced life or a burden when it’s powered by the energy of our soul.

Meditation for Feeling the Soul

There are many mind-body-spirit exercises that can help us feel and listen to our soul. I invite you to try this energy meditation I describe in my book Connect: How to Find Clarity and Expand Your Consciousness with Pineal Gland Meditation. This meditation shows you how to feel the energy of the body, clear the energy of thoughts and emotions, and then feel and grow the energy of the soul.

    1. First, relax your body as much as you can with some gentle stretching.
    2. Slowly sit in a chair or on the floor in a meditation posture. Straighten your lower back and place your hands on your knees. Close your eyes and steady your breathing.
    3. When your breathing is calm and stable, tap your fingertips together about fifty times. Then, rub your palms rapidly together for about ten to twenty seconds. Afterward, hold your hands about an inch apart, palms facing each other.


We are very sensitive to the sensations in our hands, so they are the best place to start feeling our body’s energy. They also connect to the chest via the arms, making a direct line from hands to soul.

energy meditation

    1. Gently close your eyes and focus on the feelings in your hands. To keep your mind there, think to yourself, “Hands . . . hands . . . hands.” As you focus, you may feel sensations such as heat, tingling, magnetism or itching. Those are sensations of energy.
    2. Now spread your palms a little further apart, breathing in, and then bring them close together again, breathing out. Repeat this motion, immersing yourself in the feelings in your hands.
    3. Imagining a ball of energy between your hands, slowly roll it between your palms. Picture it gradually growing larger and stronger.

hands surrounding an energy ball

    1. Then face your palms toward your chest with two inches between your palms and your chest. Imagine the energy you felt being emitted from your palms flowing into your chest. Concentrate on trying to feel your chest.

meditation with hands on chest

    1. What sensations do you detect? Does your chest feel blocked and stuffy or comfortable and open? The more blocked your chest feels, the more emotional energy is predominating and the energy of your soul is contracting.
    2. Sending warm, pure energy from your palms into your chest to your soul. Imagine it clearing away the energy around your heart and making your soul brighter.


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  1. Then as you concentrate on the center of your chest, repeat to yourself, “My soul . . . my soul . . . my soul.”
  2. When you feel a sense of connection inside, tell your soul, “I love you.”
  3. Then with utmost sincerity, offer it an apology for ignoring it so far. As you say this, you may feel the stress and trauma you have been carrying with you move in your chest. It may feel hot or cold or as if pressure is being lifted from your chest. You may even shed tears as the energy covering your soul fades away. Relax and exhale strongly through your mouth to release this old, stagnant emotional energy.
  4. Continue talking to your soul, telling it everything you want to say.
  5. As your soul revives, its energy will fill your chest and then your whole body.
  6. Slowly lower your hands onto your knees, take a deep breath, and exhale as you open your eyes.

What did you feel through this meditation? Was the feeling gentle, soft, and peaceful? That is the feeling of your soul. If you have trouble finding this feeling the first time, don’t worry. Keep trying to connect with your soul, and you will soon feel it. Some days it may be more difficult than others, but your soul will answer your sincerity in the end.

Whenever you feel lonely or afraid, use this meditation to visit your comforting and loving soul.

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