Poem: I Know You

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My last blog post revealed what I believe our true selves are. We can hear the voice of that self by listening to our hearts. In the following poem, published in my book Songs of Enlightenment our true selves give us words of encouragement and truth.

I Know You

Do not cringe so
Now get up and run
You can do it
One single failure
Is not your all
Cast your dreams
With all your might.

Do not cower so
The sadness you hold inside
Is no big deal
Water under the bridge.

Open your heart wide
And show me your truth
Your infinite possibilities and dreams
Showing the real you
Whom I see.

Do no shrivel so
For I do not care for it
If you lack a dream
Let me be your dream.

I know you . . .
That you hold inside
Vast possibilities and dreams
And limitless love.

You can do it
You have warmth in your heart

I am your soul!
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