Build Confidence One Day at a Time: Join the 100-Day Challenge

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Self-confidence can only come from our own efforts, but those efforts don’t have to be grand to have a great effect on us. Start with one movement and build from there.

We’re almost at the end of 2022. How was your year? I hope you had many things that went well, but there may have been setbacks that were difficult. Setbacks that come from our own actions, mistakes, or limitations can lead to our losing confidence in ourselves.

We may attribute our mistakes to parts of ourselves that seem to have always been there. They may seem so immovable and unchangeable that we don’t have much hope that we could ever be different. We may feel doomed to repeat the same patterns and hit the same roadblocks for the rest of our lives.

I’ve hit those roadblocks as well. Growing up, I had difficulty sitting still and paying attention in school. I preferred moving and only focusing on the things that I liked—such as comic books. Eventually, after three tries, however, I passed the college entrance exam and went on to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree. I was able to buckle down and study once I gained more confidence in myself and felt my own worth.

For me, that confidence came from seeing a problem—organic waste that had piled up under a bridge in my town—and creating a solution by carrying that waste up a nearby mountain and using it as fertilizer to grow pumpkins. After hauling that waste on my back over many trips up the mountain and painstakingly growing those pumpkins, I felt great pride and happiness in sharing them with my neighbors. I felt useful, and that experience stayed with me for the rest of my life. Newsletter signup banner

Take on Your Own Challenge

I was reminded again of the power of simple physical actions we can take for a tangible goal when I recently saw a video of children in Japan who practice the Brain Education method I developed. Each child showed their progress as they went from not being able to do a push-up, sit-up, or handstand to doing many. Anyone could see their accomplishment—especially themselves.

So if you feel as if your confidence needs a boost, I would suggest breaking your habitual patterns and negative self-talk by doing something similar:

  1. Choose a simple physical goal that is challenging for you. For example, 100 situps.
  2. Practice and take action for that goal every day for 100 days.
  3. Record your progress and your awakenings. You can do this in a written, audio, and/or video format.
  4. At the end, look back and admire how much you achieved.

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The Benefits of Choosing a Simple Physical Goal

Working toward a physical goal will help you not only by making your progress obvious but by making your body stronger. Having more physical strength naturally gives us more confidence. We can literally feel it in our bodies. And, according to the principles of life energy, the development of a whole person begins with building up physical energy.

This doesn’t mean that only people with big muscles can be whole and complete, however. A person with huge biceps can have low physical energy, even though physical energy is related to our physical strength, the food we eat, and our breath. We can use these to accumulate physical energy in our body, especially in the center for physical energy in our lower abdomen. As energy accumulates there, the emotional energy in the energy center in our chest becomes purified and expansive. You could say it “matures,” and we become more open-hearted and loving while becoming less needy (emotionally secure). Once that happens, the spiritual energy in the energy center in our brains brightens. Having a bright spirit means our consciousness is clear, positive, and creative. In this way, all aspects of ourselves become fully developed and complete.

Having a simple, visible goal also helps us stick with it. There are less factors involved in starting it or carrying it out. That means there’s less thinking involved, too. Choosing a goal for which you don’t need special equipment and doesn’t cost anything, for example, can put less blocks in your way.

I’m confident you can do it.

Please believe in yourself, too. I hope you attempt this 100-day challenge and that through it, you gain more confidence and power for handling the more complex, intangible parts of your life.

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  • You are such a flexible guy for such a heavy man- I always remember your headstands that were so enduring. Tell me something about your diet please along with what vitamins you take. From Canada to Arizona wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Norm


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