Face Challenges and Ignite Creativity with the Energy of the Dragon

[Based on Calligraphic Meditation for Everyday Happiness by Ilchi Lee. Courtesy of Best Life Media.]

Take risks with the passion and energy of the dragon.

Great creation is impossible without risk. If we want security, we can forget about doing new things or taking great strides into the unknown. Nothing is won without risk and challenge. Many of the world’s great creations were realized amid occasionally life-threatening risks.

The things we think are limitations to our dream and creations are often, in fact, illusions. There’s no need to imprison ourselves within pre-set limits. Our limits are not absolute unless we make them so.

Inside us, we all hold the energy of the soaring dragon. That fiery energy is made in our hearts and inflames our bellies, fueling us with passion and power. With the energy of the dragon, we can rise to new heights.

But, first, we need to allow it. We need to set that dragon energy free by opening the iris of our consciousness wide and expanding our mind and imagination. That starts with the will to challenge ourselves and encounter a new world. Only when we challenge ourselves and crash against obstacles can we awaken the energy of infinite creation hidden within us.

Call forth dragon energy with the power of your mind. You have nothing to fear, no reason to hesitate. No worldly tempest can block the dragon’s rise. Create to your heart’s content, riding the whirling energy of the dragon. Newsletter signup banner

Editor’s Note: Based on Ilchi Lee’s book, Calligraphic Meditation for Everyday Happiness. The calligraphy in the blog image is of a dragon, or dragon energy. It is a colored version of a brush calligraphy in black ink made by Ilchi Lee.

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