How to Give the Gift of Loving Energy from the Earth

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Loving energy is a gift that keeps on giving.

In my last blog post, I shared a morning meditation for having a deep sense of self through the breath. Without this feeling of self no matter how hard we try or how much we have, we may feel like we don’t have anything. When we have this sense, we are feeling our essential life energy inside, and when this energy grows strong enough, we can feel full and complete. Then, we naturally want to share it with others, especially those we know and love.

That’s why every day I also send energy to the people on my list who I want to help, as well as to the earth itself. I send it with the purpose of promoting their health, happiness, and peace by helping to make their energy brighter and stronger. With more brighter, stronger energy flowing through their bodies, their minds become clearer and more positive and their brains become better able to take care of their bodies. They are also more able to feel their true selves.

Giving the gift of energy doesn’t cost any money and often comes from our purest intentions. It’s a gift that automatically gives back. As we send energy to others, we receive more ourselves, so our energy grows stronger and brighter as well. Newsletter signup banner

Give with a Mind as Grand as the Earth

Expanding our consciousness until it encompasses the earth gives us greater energy to send to other people. Connecting to the earth and feeling its energy connects us to the energy of life itself and fills us. It gives us the unconditional love and giving mind of a parent. A gift of the earth’s energy is a gift of love.

Sending Earth Energy Meditation

    Activate Your Energy, Prepare Your Mind

  1. Walk in place for two minutes. Pump your arms up and down as you take each step. Feel the bottom of your feet as they press against the floor to bring your awareness there and help circulate your energy.
  2. Then stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and parallel to each other, like the number 11. Bend your knees slightly, keeping them loose. You can also sit in a cross-legged or half-lotus posture or with your feet flat on the floor (if you’re in a chair). Straighten your spine while keeping your shoulders relaxed. Then tap your belly two inches below your navel with the pinky-side of both fists, alternating each one. Make a comfortable, steady rhythm as you focus your mind on the sensations in your abdomen.
  3. After two minutes, rhythmically tap the top of your head with your fingertips for about thirty seconds. Then tap all around your head and face for a minute or two more.
  4. With your fingertips, now tap on the center of your sternum. Breathe deeply in and out of your chest as you feel the sensations there. Do this for a minute.
  5. Finally, clap your hands twenty times and rub them together about twenty seconds.
  6. After clapping, hold your palms facing each other about a couple of inches apart. Bring your palms away from and then toward each other, without touching, rapidly and repeatedly about 100 times.

    Feel Your Energy
  7. Then bring your hands in front of your chest, facing each other once again. Leave a few inches between your palms. Let yourself become more calm with a few breaths as you relax your concentration on your palms. You may feel some tingling or magnetism there: this is a feeling of the life energy (qi) in your body.
  8. Keeping your attention on the feelings in and between your palms, move your hands with your breath, separating them as you inhale and returning them to the start as you exhale. You may feel your body and mind relax more and more and your chest become lighter and emptier. You may also have a sense of expansion.

    Connect with the Earth
  9. Imagine the earth between your palms. Give the earth energy, seeing it grow bigger and bigger. Let the space between your hands grow with the size of the earth until the earth becomes so large that it encompasses your entire body. Imagine the energy of the earth now filling you.
  10. Point your palms away from your body and imagine and/or feel energy going from the earth through your hands to the people, plants, and animals you wish to give energy. See their energy becoming brighter in your mind, and imagine them being happier and healthier.
  11. Lower your hands, and finish with three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

This exercise sequence helps you get the energy flowing in your body and help your mind focus on your body. In this state, you’ll be more capable of feeling energy yourself. It becomes a full-body experience rather than just a mental exericise. While it’s always helpful to perform the entire flow, if you don’t have much time and/or you can feel energy well already, you can start with “Feel Your Energy” and simply share the pure, expansive, and loving energy of the earth—an energy bigger than our small selves—with anyone, anywhere.

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