How to Make the Energy of Gratitude: It’s Already Inside

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Being grateful lets us be ourselves.

Each day when I awake, and the sun has risen, I feel immense gratitude. I feel gratitude for being born, for every breath, and every season that passes.

Gratitude is something that’s a part of our essential nature. Yet, it’s also something we need to learn and practice. So many things that are not essential pull us away from a grateful mindset. That’s why it’s important to remind ourselves of everything we can be grateful for—even, and especially, the trivial things.

Gratitude, and love, disappear when negative thoughts grow and the life energy that flows through our entire bodies becomes stagnant. This energy is infinite gratitude. If we are not full of bright energy, or it’s not flowing well, then complaints and dissatisfaction arise in us; these invite unhappiness. On the other hand, when we are full of bright, flowing energy, the stagnant energy inside us releases, and our energy becomes purified. Our hearts turn happy and peaceful.

In this way, the amount of gratitude we feel can be a standard for checking our energy status. The moment we feel that gratitude and love are missing inside, we can meditate quietly and look inside ourselves.

Morning Meditation to Become One with Our True Nature

When you open your eyes in the morning, sit quietly, and focus your mind on your body as you inhale and exhale slowly. Let your breathing become even. Feel the rhythm of life in the rhythm of your breath.

As you go deeper into it, the boundary between your body and your surroundings may disappear. You may feel or see light in and around you. At that moment, you can become completely one with nature, and feel your own true nature. The infinite love and responsibility for all things in the world, which are part of your true nature, may be expressed.

In this state, offer gratitude for this new day that has been given to you, and plan how you will use the time and energy that have been granted to you.

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