Ilchi Lee’s Energy Ball Meditation for Abundance

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Abundance comes to us when we follow the Tao.

I often talk about how money, fame, and prestige are not an essential part of ourselves. We leave them behind when we leave our bodies, so we shouldn’t make them the guiding principle of our lives or the core of our efforts. But they can serve a purpose. For anything we seek to accomplish in the physical world, we need funds and societal trust. What’s important is where these come from and for what purpose they’ll be used.

Money and prestige are bound to come when we live within the Right Law. The Right Law is the principles of how the Tao (道) works; the Tao is the one essential spirit, energy, and consciousness that underlies everything. So if we are in alignment with the essence and its principles, what we need will come. Even things like wealth and honor are bound to come to us, even if we don’t chase after them, once we’ve become centered in the Right Law, in the Tao.

While we can become the master of the wealth and honor that follow us, we become the slave of the wealth and honor we chase after. Then, what is the best way for all people to live with wealth and honor, money and prestige? The entire human race can live a bountiful life once they live in the Age of Right Law.

For example, Earth has enough food and water for everyone to share and live in abundance. There is a problem, though, with sharing. Enough people don’t know how to share the Earth’s abundance to the extent that is needed for all to prosper. Especially when they have fear, people seek to possess and dominate, so food that could be eaten is rotting on one side while people starve to death on the other. This is false law. We live in the Age of False Law.

How can you encounter the Right Law?

First, have an earnest heart.
What sort of heart is an earnest heart? An earnest heart seeks to accept the Right Law. It desires to create abundance for all to the extent that it moves energy, spirit, and matter.

Second, show devotion.
If we show devotion to fulfilling our earnest intentions, we develop great power, and Right Law will descend upon us and help us. This power of intention comes when we’re willing to become whatever it takes to bring our purpose to fruition.

The power of intention is a vessel for receiving the Law. That is truth. It cannot be changed. It won’t do any good to give Right Law to people without the vessel of intention to hold it; the Law would flow right through their fingers and out of their hands. If there is a hole in our intention vessel, though we receive it, the Law will flow out again.

It’s hard to receive the Law. The Law doesn’t pool and collect in one place. What can we do, then? We can develop our vessel of intention by reflecting dispassionately on ourselves, checking for holes in the vessel and plugging any we find.

The energy ball contains the Right Law.

By feeling the qi energy of our body, we can adjust our energy and consciousness. Then we can feel and become in alignment with Right Law, with the Tao.

Try this energy ball meditation to develop the qi energy of the body.

Raise your hands to chest height. Clap your hands together ten times. Then tap your fingertips together ten times.

Make an upright posture with your spine straight and your shoulders relaxed. Leave your elbows a little away from your body as your palms face each other in front of your chest with a little space between them.

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Close your eyes and bring your attention to your palms. Breathe comfortably as you keep feeling your palms.

Then, as you inhale, separate your palms from each other. Bring them closer together again as you exhale. Continue this in and out motion. You may feel tingling, pulsing, magnetism, pushing, and more. These are sensations of qi energy.

With time and experience, as you continue, your thoughts and emotions will quiet. Besides the qi energy of your body, you will also come to sense cosmic energy and the cosmic consciousness that goes with it. This is something you cannot know by someone telling you about it. It’s something you need to experience yourself through practice.

Once you have a solid feeling of energy, if you bring your awareness up your arms to your chest, and over the rest of your body, you will be able to sense energy wherever you put your attention.

Feel the vibration and the magnetism in your body. Powerful energy enters your fingertips and continues to circulate in your body. Keep your lower back straight. The energy rises along your back from your tailbone up and to your chest and shoulders. You can feel the vibration throughout your body and even a growing ecstasy and sense of power.

If you feel the power spreading through your body, you can let your body flow with it. Move your whole body. Energy not only moves through your body, it enters your body. It enters through the soles of your feet, the palms of your hands, and the top of your head.

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[Photo courtesy of Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi]

The energy field in and around your body expands. As it grows larger, it also expands and contracts with your breath.

At this point, imagine there is a 200-pound rock on your head. You overflow with power and can easily circulate your energy as you push up that imaginary 200-pound rock. The power stretches upward from the soles of your feet to the top of your head.

Now, that 200-pound power gathers in your lower abdomen, in the energy center there. Powerful strength continues to enter your body. Your whole body overflows with power. The heavier the rock on your head becomes, the greater the power in your body grows.

Now, there is a 400-pound rock on top of your head. From the soles of your feet, intense power develops in your toes, knees, hips, and lower back. Emerging right now is strength powerful enough to lift up and hold 400 pounds. Develop your strength as you do squats. Feel yourself lifting the 400-pound rock every time you straighten your legs. Sense that feeling when you alternately bend and straighten your knees.

The power continues to accumulate in your energy center in your lower abdomen, filling it, and that energy forms into an energy ball. Your abdomen becomes packed tight with energy, and your body grows hotter.

Next, put another 200 pounds on your head. Six hundred pounds now rests on your head. Even more power enters your body. Use that power. Do squats as you lift 600 pounds.

As time passes, you can feel strength great enough to lift even more than 600 pounds. Strength enters each and every one of your joints. You continue to develop power.

Now, you can feel how light your body becomes when you take away that 600-pound rock. Your body will feel like it’s flying.

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[Photo courtesy of Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi]

Now, lower your hands and place them over your belly below your navel. Imagine the energy ball spinning clockwise in your lower abdomen, between your hips. As the energy ball spins, it will pull in energy from the earth through your feet and from the sky through your breath. It’s the energy of life. That energy will collect in your abdomen as your breathing grows deeper automatically.

Finally, finish the meditation: inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale.

The energy ball drives a Tao life.

This energy ball in your abdomen holds the key to managing your physical, energetic, and spiritual selves. It is the source of life—the root of Tao in your body and the foundation for Right Law, and therefore for abundance of all sorts. You cannot commune with the Tao without it. Just as the earth turns, the energy ball spins ceaselessly, contributing to your life and your growth.

With meditation practices such as this one, you can make this energy ball strong and stable so that it’s always spinning inside you, protecting you, whether you’re awake or asleep. When you have a strong energy ball, your abdomen feels strong, grounded, and warm, and you have plenty of energy circulation.

If you are automatically conscious of the energy ball even as you walk around, you’re walking will become revitalizing. The energy ball becomes the heart of your daily life. Now, you can use the energy ball to create what you want.

Editor’s Note: For more instruction on Ilchi Lee’s energy meditation methods, visit the Brain Education TV YouTube channel or a Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi center near you.

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  • This was a very powerful experience of energy! Thank you so much for this clear guidance of principle to receive the law fully by being clear of our intentions and patching up the holes made by our ego’s desires! Creating the energy ball in my abdomen gave me such a clam and grounded sense of being. Thank you so much!

  • good


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