Meditation to Connect to Abundance

Your mind can create blessings or disasters, can heal or harm, can bring abundance or absence. It is up to your mind whether the world looks hopeful or hopeless.

You may have heard something like this many times. Motivational speakers may have told you to change your attitude or outlook, and law of attraction experts have emphasized imagining what you really want instead of dwelling on what you lack.

I have given such advice too, but it could be difficult to believe that something so simple could work if you are worried about whether you and your family can be healthy and financially stable.

So I would like to explain a little more about how to connect to the natural abundance we all have inside us and bring that about in our lives.

Everything Is Energy

Our abundance comes from the life force within us, the energy you may have heard called chi, ki, or prana. I’ve given it another name as well—LifeParticles. As the name suggests, LifeParticles are the smallest particles of life, but they are not only matter. They are a combination of matter, energy, and consciousness. Everything is made of LifeParticles. That means you can never lack LifeParticles, and that everything has an aspect of consciousness and can be affected by consciousness. Our consciousness can affect other consciousness and make LifeParticles come together to form something solid or move them apart.

Of course, we can’t see our minds, our consciousness, do this directly with our eyes. We can only see it on the screen of our minds, what I call the MindScreen. On our MindScreens, our imagination can paint any picture it wants. It can defy the laws of physics and is not bound by time or space. Pink zebras could be morphing through your window right now.

But the hard dense world of reality is bound by physics (including quantum physics), and in it, we experience time and space. So it’s difficult for ordinary folks to see pink zebras coming through the window without breaking it right now. But many other things are possible for us—like having a growing career, a healthy family, and nurturing relationships.

Even with wishes closer within the realm of the currently possible reality than pink zebras, however, our thoughts and actions may keep them away from us. Our unconscious thoughts, our unhelpful coping habits, or our learned worldview may be counteracting what we consciously intend.

Abundance Is in Your Brain

That’s where meditation comes in. It takes practice, but with meditation, we can bring our conscious minds into the realm of our unconscious minds and free up the thoughts and emotions that don’t align with the future we want. It’s where we can heal trauma, let go of attachments, and meet the divine, creative aspects of ourselves.

The part of the brain I’ve realized is the seat of the unconscious mind and of our divine nature is the brain stem. Connected to the top of the spinal cord, the brain stem supervises vital, automatic functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure through the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. It can also be called the “Life Brain.” The brain stem, particularly the pineal gland just above it, is also the location of the sixth chakra, the energy center within us that’s responsible for inspiration and insight. Our MindScreen is projected from this place at the center of our brains.

In a meditative state of mind, the activity of the brain stem increases dramatically as the thoughts and emotions of the neocortex (your “thinking brain”) and the limbic system (your “emotion brain”) are reduced. This is the calm and clear state that integrates the different parts and functions of your brain, and thus allows your body’s natural healing processes or creative inspiration to emerge from the world of the unconscious through the MindScreen.

Clear Your Energy First

You may be wondering how we can change our thoughts or habits just by quieting certain parts of our brain and redirecting our focus from outside of ourselves to our brain stem. The change is initiated at the level of energy. There is a principle of energy that says where the mind goes, energy follows. When you focus on your brain stem, your unconscious mind, in meditation, you are bringing fresh energy there, particularly if you visualize bright light filling that imaginary space. That energy pushes out the dark, stagnant energy of negative emotions and attachments that may be holding you back and clouding your ability to see a happy future. You are replacing LifeParticles with the energy of lack or limitation with LifeParticles with the positive, limitless energy of abundance. These pure LifeParticles come from the Source of life, from the oneness and unformed potential that underlies everything in existence.

It’s when you can project what you want onto your MindScreen with a pure and free consciousness, a state known as the zero point, that it has the power to become reality. In this state, you are also able to experience that you and all life is self-existent—unattached to the past or present, time or space, emotions or preconceptions. It’s this free and independent consciousness that can control LifeParticles on the MindScreen and in life.

Try this practicing this LifeParticle Meditation for Abundance if you would like to experience this for yourself.

  1. Find a quiet spot to sit with your back and neck straight.
  2. Tap your body with your fists or palms to relax your body and mind.
  3. Then breathing naturally, imagine golden particles of light coming into the very top of your head.
  4. See these particles filling your entire brain, and then going straight down through your body in a line. (This will brighten and balance all of your chakras.)
  5. Then visualize the light filling your entire body.
  6. The light expands to surround you in a capsule of light.
  7. Breathe naturally in this state for a few minutes, noticing your breath, feeling it gradually deepen and slow. Bask in the light, allowing feelings of joy, love, oneness, and peace to arise inside you.
  8. Then focus on the center of your head, where your brain stem/sixth chakra is located. See it filled with bright light. From the light there, project the type of abundance you want to bring into your life onto the screen of your mind. See it in as much detail as possible. Imagine it with all of your senses. As you do this, you may be presented with ideas to use in creating what you want.
  9. Spend some time noticing how being in such a state of abundance feels to you.
  10. Finish the meditation with three deep breaths.

From Inside to Out

Connecting to our inner abundance and using our mind are important and necessary steps for bringing abundance to our everyday lives. Even more than using our mind, taking action moves LifeParticles toward what we want. Acting on the inspiration we receive through meditation while keeping a zero point mindset has the most potent power to attract abundance.

Each and every moment of our lives is an instant of creation that causes LifeParticles to move. Our mind guides LifeParticles in the vast terrain of unlimited possibilities. If there is something you want—health, happiness, improved relationships, material abundance—keep it before you on your MindScreen. One day you will also see it with your eyes.

Editor’s Note
Learn more about Ilchi Lee’s teachings on LifeParticles from his book, LifeParticle Meditation: A Practical Guide to Healing and Transformation.

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