7 Tips for Visualizing Your Way to Success

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The MindScreen lets you access all the faculties of your brain to create your life consciously.

In a recent blog post, we did a meditation for abundance that included a visualization of what you want to create for yourself and the world around you. Today, I’d like to help you perform this kind of creative visualization better by giving you more insight into it.

I’ve made a special but simple name for our brain’s ability to imagine and to connect to things that are not present in front of us in the physical world—a MindScreen. By giving it a name, I hope to make it a bit more concrete and understandable.

A MindScreen is not a flat screen; using it is more like putting on virtual reality (VR) goggles and being able to see in all directions. Our MindScreens have three different levels. They go from using simple imagination to being able to feel the energy of what we imagine to using the screen for creative problem solving and brilliant intuition.

At the highest level, the MindScreen has the power to connect with the information of the cosmos—information that’s beyond our personal experience. It can also connect to the MindScreens of all the people in the world. Everyone has a MindScreen, and ultimately, they are all connected to each other at the deepest, purest, brightest level.

So what can we do to make the MindScreen work optimally? Newsletter signup banner

1. Immerse Yourself

The “dial” that turns the MindScreen up through each level is our concentration. The more we focus on what we see, the more immersed we become in it and the more powerful it is. In fact, with a high degree of concentration, the screen just appears without our having to turn it on consciously.

Our hearts, not only our minds, fuel our concentration. Just like when we fall in love, the more passionately we feel about the object of our visualization, the closer we want to be to it and the more immersed in it we become. The heart’s passion and power fuels the MindScreen and gives us a reason to be fully immersed in the future we want to manifest.

In order to be truly passionate, though, we need to know our “whys.” Why do we want something? Why are we visualizing it? For what do we live? Knowing our whys connects the brain and the heart.

2. Keep the MindScreen Clean

A clear mind, like a mirror, can reflect all things. It can reflect the present and the past, and show the future as well. A state in which our MindScreen is clean is a state in which we’re awakened. It is a very pure state. For the MindScreen to operate at its best, our brains need to be in a this pure state in which distracting thoughts have quieted and energy circulates well.

Through meditative movement, especially Brain Wave Vibration, we can calm the mind down and slow down our brain waves. If we can slow our brain waves to a theta frequency (between four and eight cycles a second), our thoughts will not only be quiet and clear, we will also have access to the subconscious mind.

On the other hand, when our MindScreen isn’t clean, it’s hard to realize it’s even there at all. Once it is shrouded in thoughts, the screen no longer functions.

3. Turn Up the MindScreen’s Brightness

Negative thoughts, emotions, and attachments use up our brains’ energy so that our MindScreens don’t have enough power. To keep our MindScreens on, we need to release negativity by changing our energy with practices such as breathing, other forms of meditation, qigong, yoga, or even just smiling, dancing, or going outside for a walk. The lighter and brighter we feel, the better our MindScreens will work.

4. Be Careful What You Project

Sometimes our MindScreens still have enough power, and we project negative thoughts onto it. Maybe we are under a lot of stress, having a hard time, and going through difficulties. Unfortunately, those negative thoughts will then be reflected in reality. That’s why we always need to put information we want on our MindScreens, not information we don’t want. Once we have chosen that information, we can create a concrete story about how it will become the future. Then our brains will be better able to make that information eventually appear outside our minds.

The MindScreen is there to help us overcome negative information and circumstances. If we realize we are being negative, we can quickly change the scene on our screen. By changing our minds this way, we can alter our internal and external situations.

So, no matter how poor our environment may be, we should absolutely not allow negativity to enter our MindScreens. We may not be able to help such thoughts coming to mind. But we can discard them quickly. Or if we see negative things around us, we don’t need to put them on our MindScreens, just as we don’t put rotting food into our mouths. We need to be able to discern which information is good for us and which isn’t.

If we do put unhealthy information onto our screens, though, we can take an antidote. That antidote is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a kind of spiritual processing. It removes poisons from our minds and hearts.

5. Use the MindScreen Regularly and Consciously

There are many situations in which our MindScreen operates without our being aware of it. At those times, we may be creating situations we do not want. If we visualize with the MindScreen regularly, then we will become even more aware of it and can control it even when we are not sitting in meditation. When we continue to display something on our screens, our brains start moving in an effort to realize those images. If we draw a picture of our wishes really coming true rather than as a formality, our brains will discover how to make what we picture a reality.

6. Start the Day with the MindScreen

Each morning, take a good, long look at yourself using your MindScreen. Bringing up today’s schedule, create a diary in your brain and use it to manage your schedule. Show the images of the people you will meet today and punch in their names. You can have the people you’re meeting say what you want them to say. On your MindScreen, do all your work in advance; picture it being accomplished. You can use your screen for everything in your brain. Those who apply the MindScreen are people who work miracles.

7. Look at What You Visualize from Every Side

When putting something on the MindScreen, it’s not enough to see it from only one angle. It’s hard to create or understand something from just one dimension. Instead, look at it from all sides, even inside. See the big picture. In life, we are always confronting problems, and we solve those problems. But we come up with ridiculous answers when we fail to properly understand the problems. At school, it’s good because they tell us right away that we’re wrong if we don’t get the problem right. When we go out into society, though, they don’t tell us the answers. We take the answers we’ve come up with for problems we’ve gotten wrong, and, continuing to apply them, we end up creating more problems in our lives.

The MindScreen provides a powerful understanding of the creative powers of our brains. If we maintain our screens and use them regularly, whatever we want can become a concrete reality.

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