Luck Is in Our Minds

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Whether we encounter good luck or misfortune in our lives, in the long run, we have an opportunity for growth.

Fundamentally, I don’t think there is any bad luck. So there’s no reason to blame anything on luck. We can just keep moving passionately toward our goals. It just takes humility and wisdom to grow, to learn through will, passion, and experience.

Luck comes and goes. We can’t stop the flow of luck. But there are ways to make it our own. It’s about trying our best. It is said that heaven helps those who help themselves. Help doesn’t only come from heaven; it also comes from other people seeing us do our best. Newsletter signup banner

To create a lucky day today, close your eyes and imagine something good. The source of all things is the mind. If you keep imagining good things, then good energy will come from you. Negativity will disappear from your inner consciousness, and your face will brighten.

Saying, “It’s so good,” keeps the landscape of the mind fertile so that any wish you strongly plant in it will eventually come true.

Troubles cannot be avoided, but the moment we fall into self-pity or beat ourselves up, the moment we give up, we have nowhere to turn. We need to be on our own side. We can ask ourselves, “What is the meaning of this pain that has been given to me? What is the purpose of my life, and how can this help me? What can I learn at this time?” Then our minds will open, and we will truly be lucky.

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