Inspirational Message for Remembering the Preciousness of Our Lives

Ilchi Lee praying in among the rocks

Let’s recognize that at the root, we are more than just our bodies. Each one of us is part of the wondrous dance of the cosmos.

When I slip deep into meditation, inspiration and messages often come to me. They feel sacred, as if coming from a source that is beyond any one individual consciousness. They contain an energy that feels like the brightest and purest light. The closest word I can find to describe the source of this inspiration, and the spiritual aspect of life, is “heaven.”

I feel now is the right time to share one of these messages. I hope you read its words not only with your logical mind, but with your intuition and heart as well so that they touch your heart and soul as they did mine. Newsletter signup banner

Message Offered to Every Soul

Listen to this message as a song in Korean and English.
Using heaven’s time
Utilizing heaven’s weather
We drink heaven’s air
We use heaven’s energy
And we do heaven’s work
As we fulfill heaven’s mission.

It is not my time, but heaven’s time that I am using.
How precious is that time, and how holy and sacred?

When you come to know heaven’s love, then you can perform Hongik*.
Sunlight, moonlight. They are all heaven’s light.
People think that light is their own light,
and living inside of that, they worry and have lost their way.
We are living through heaven’s light, and living by moonlight and by starlight.

My parents, my siblings, family, children . . .
All are living through heaven’s light, heaven’s water, and heaven’s air.
Without realizing that, they forget.
They fall into emotions and flounder, wandering aimlessly,
and they hate and rage.

As we are the descendants of the sun
And born and raised inside of the air of the blue sky,
We are descendants of heaven,
We are descendants of moonlight,
We are descendants of starlight,
And when humans live, we are making heaven’s history.

Let’s make heaven’s history.
You don’t usually feel it.
When you go deeper into meditation,
When you have met with your inner self, that’s when you come to feel it.
For everything, there is nothing that is not heaven’s energy.
Cosmic energy is my energy; my energy is cosmic energy.
Cosmic mind is my mind; my mind is cosmic mind.

* Hongik is a Korean word that means “widely benefitting.” To perform Hongik means to take actions or speak words that are beneficial to all, to be compassionate, or to act in a humanitarian way.

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