What Is Reincarnation?

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Take a look at the afterlife from a higher energy perspective.

Our lives are defined by the fact that they seem to end. So understanding death and the afterlife or reincarnation can help us live our present lives. I would like to share my own understanding about it.

A long time ago, a famous person who does taekwondo came to South Korea from the United States. I took him to visit Moak Mountain, the place where I did my own ascetic practice and found my own enlightenment. I said to him, “If you go to Moak Mountain, you’ll be able to see a tomato becoming a person when the full moon rises.” He thought this was amazing, but he was doubtful.

As we climbed the mountain, we saw children eating tomatoes. This person traded one of the kids candy for a tomato. He then took the tomato and ate it.

The full moon rose above Moak Mountain that night, and he waited to see a tomato become a person. At about midnight, I asked him whether he’d seen a tomato become a person. “Where?” he asked. “The tomato that went into your stomach became a person. The energy of the tomato has changed into the energy of a person, so the tomato has become a person.” In that way, I shattered the illusions he had.

Energy is immutable.

With the energy and strength we get from the food we eat, we live our lives. Our bodies transform food and air into ourselves. Countless animals and plants enter our mouths. Huge numbers of them are circulating inside us. The giving and taking of life continues in our body.

In the same way, if someone plants a tree on my grave after I die, then I become a tree, and that tree will exchange vast quantities of energy with the world. We find ourselves in innumerable exchanges of energy, which is why we say that everyone lives forever.

All things in creation exist within moving time and space. And the energy in them is immutable. That is reincarnation. Newsletter signup banner

We can transcend life and death.

To say that we reincarnate is to say that life and death do not exist; there is only a change of energy. That’s why we don’t need to get caught up in talking about how one thing is life and another death.

“This is life.” “That is death.” These are merely our thoughts, emotions, and feelings. We don’t know life and death by what we’re feeling. We don’t know life and we don’t know death unless we awaken. “Life” and “death” do not exist; these might just be illusions and word games.

But when we look at the world while in a state of illuminated divinity, the principles of the world are obvious at a glance. We realize that all have been one within them.

Our purpose in being born was to illuminate the divinity in human life. The concepts of life and death we have now can totally change once we connect with the divinity that is already in our brain. When our consciousness is at that level, we go to a place that has completely transcended life and death, and we are no longer mired in a fear of death.

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