Life Is Fun, If You Make It: Ilchi Lee’s Tips How

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Making each moment fun can be done to stay true to ourselves.

Have you ever fallen into a spiral of complaints? Your body hurts, you’re exhausted all the time, and you can’t seem to stay on top of the mountain of work you need to do. Self-care? What’s that? It all may seem like too much.

Of course, you may already know that complaining doesn’t help, even if you’re only complaining to yourself. Our mindset affects everything we do and how we perceive the things and events going on outside and inside of us. Complaints lead to more complaints.

At the same time, our mindset can be one of the easier things to change. It’s ever-malleable, and we are in complete control of it—whether it seems like it or not. Because it only exists inside us, it doesn’t take time, another person, or a particular situation to alter our perspective. We can just do it as easily as we can flip our hand over.

But it does take effort. We need to actively choose to change our minds. And, while we can gain a new perspective in a moment, the mental habits embedded in our neural pathways may drag us back to our old state of mind. Then, however, we can change it again, over and over, until we make new mental habits. Newsletter signup banner

Make everything fun.

So what mindset do you think works the best for getting through life without dragging, complaining, or failing to achieve our goals? We may already know to stay positive. Let’s take it even further: Live a fun day every day.

This was the message that came to me as I meditated on the energy of the moon the last time it was full. In that meditation, my heart and mind became one with the moon’s energy, and I could commune with the harmony and oneness that lies at the center of everything. “Have fun” may sound like a platitude if we look at it superficially. However, making each moment fun makes each moment a reflection of our purest and truest consciousness and energy.

When each moment has that consciousness and energy, it becomes full of blessings. So by choosing fun, we are giving ourselves blessings. That means blessings are always available to us; we always have access to grace because it’s our very nature.

Living a fun life means that we have mental space to spare and that, no matter what the situation, we have hopes and dreams. Even when it’s not a big deal, we are always smiling, and our faces look bright. We gain an incomparable ease and a dignity that is unbreakable.

Move to make fun.

If we think of everything as being fun, then everything is fun and enjoyable, even our trials and tribulations. Have a “boring” task you have to do right away? Look for something fun about it, or simply tell yourself it’s fun.

Sometimes, though, it can be hard to switch into a fun mode instantaneously. That’s when we can use our bodies to change our minds. By moving our bodies and getting our energy and blood flowing more, we can shake off the heaviness and negativity that’s keeping us down. Take a walk, dance, do Brain Wave Vibration, take a yoga class, or just smile and laugh. We’ll make a fun perspective that we can bring to any situation.

We can also turn to the light of the sun, moon, and stars. Imagining their light going into our bodies and brains can help us feel brighter. This light lets us see the fun in things that may have looked dark.

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Start now.

All we have is the now. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. So, now, let’s have fun! Take every moment in a fun way. That’s within the scope of what we can choose.

We can live life in a fun way. This one choice will cause many ripple effects. With each moment of fun we have, we are creating a world that’s fun.

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