Ilchi Lee’s Message for 2023

A great energy of bright light and absolute love is coming down now. Let’s empty ourselves, make ourselves fresh, and welcome it with infinite gratitude.

The earth has been welcoming a new era.

It’s an era of harmonious coexistence in which not one, not two, but many people step into the role of leaders and heroes. No one person can do it. Only a legion of ordinary people whose brains have awakened can save themselves and save the world from destruction.

A person with an awakened brain has a bright brain. You could say that he or she is enlightened.

An enlightened person knows the value and purpose of their existence. They know their essential energy is neither created nor destroyed, but changes form. They know this because they have become conscious of the divinity that resides in their brain. They trust that divinity and use its power for the good of the earth and all its citizens.

We all have this divine aspect and power. We have everything we need already. All we have to do is choose our purpose and start moving toward it right now. When times become more difficult and challenging, it is the best moment to choose our divinity and choose coexistence.

You can decide to be an Earth Citizen—someone who takes responsibility for the earth. And you can decide to be a leading figure in creating coexistence on earth. Making such a great choice will bring you great and boundless energy.

Our brain is a space of infinite creation. Now is the time to use that power of the brain. Let’s start by training our bodies and making ourselves stronger. Starting with our personal changes, collective changes will come and a world of peaceful coexistence will unfold.

Take back your brain! Let your brain awaken to the divinity already inside, and become someone shining like starlight who creates a harmonious world. Together we can turn what could be an age of despair into an age of hope.

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